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How to Buy A Car Online - Your Classic Car Buying Guide

How To Buy Your Dream Car Online-1

MyKlassic.com & EAS can help make your dream car become real

By Kristi Kenyon, freelance writer for Executive Auto Shippers

You just bought a new TV online thanks to a great deal on their website. To celebrate, you decide to send your wife some flowers and with another few clicks, it’s done. Shopping has never been easier. In fact, a statistic shows that 78% of US consumers are shopping online. So why in our predominantly digital world do we still hesitate to buy cars online?

Unlike a TV or flowers, cars are more of an investment. If you’re looking for something specific like a classic car, it’s an even bigger decision. You want to be able to inspect it and kick the tires. There’s a good chance that you’ve only ever used the web to do research for the perfect vehicle and you’d be in good company. Research shows 81% of people are looking online before buying. Although research on the web is easy, many don’t know the convenience of buying a car online (including classics) and even having it delivered!

If you’re serious about finding your dream car, whether “the one that got away” or the one you’ve always wanted, why limit your search to driving distance? With the right tools and services, you can not only find exactly what you’re looking for, but have a means to bring it home.

Rick Duncan of MyKlassic.com has some great advice for those looking for their dream car. He admits that when he started buying classic cars online, he was hesitant. After buying and selling hundreds of classic cars over the years, he gave us 3 pointers that “can help make your online classic car buying experience a positive one and the car of dreams will magically appear in your driveway”:


Be Knowledgeable About Your Classic

If you are searching for a classic car online, it is in your best interest to know exactly what you are looking for. If you have decided on a make and model, do your homework as to where the weak points are. Is this classic prone to rust in certain areas? If so, have the seller take close up pictures of this area. With technology videos are easy. Have the seller video problematic areas, even the engine running and transmission shifting. The primary problem I always have is being infatuated with the car itself that I want and I sometimes tend to overlook the problem areas, whether I am looking at in person or online. It is very important that you set aside your emotions for just a moment and try to find all the bad. If you are knowledgeable of all the things wrong with the car and are willing to accept that, then your classic car buying experience will automatically become a positive.

(We would say alongside what Rick says about buying your dream classic online, you can also ask questions like “What’s the VIN?” and “Can you send pictures?” You can also try to negotiate the shipping cost into the total cost.)


Insure Your Classic Car Immediately Upon Purchase

If you have paid for the vehicle your insurance should be bound at this time. Then, if the worst-case scenario hits while you are waiting on the transporter, like a tornado wipes out the neighborhood or the car is hit by another driver on the street before the transporter arrives, you’re covered.


Organize Shipping with a Reputable Luxury Car Transporter

It is very important that you choose a reputable auto shipper. At MyKlassic.com our official classic car shipper is Executive Auto Shippers. I have shipped classic cars for over 30 years and my choice of transporters has always been key. You can go online and on eBay and obtain all the cheap quotes you want, but if that classic car was in your driveway, would you just hand your keys to an unknown driver that you don’t know to load on a car carrier? Probably not!


The best part about shopping for a car online – you aren’t restricted by location. Reputable car shipping companies will know how to handle shipments that need a little extra TLC. Always check into the company you’re looking to use – for instance, Executive has an A+ rating with BBB and held the Super Service Award with Angie’s List the last 4 years.  

Safely buying the classic car of your dreams can be as easy as Pick – Click – Home. When you shop on a quality and trustworthy site, such as MyKlassic.com, and working with a reputable auto transport company, like Executive Auto Shippers, you’re dream car is only a few clicks away.

Want to learn about the options of enclosed carriers? Check out our Enclosed page.


The Different Ways to Transport Vehicles

By Kristi Kenyon, freelance writer for Executive Auto Shippers

You’ve done your research to narrow down a list of companies that could ship your vehicle. You’ve asked them questions about how they operate, what they guarantee, and the like. You’ve probably even received a few quotes. Now the question is, did they ask YOU questions about your vehicle?

Any well qualified auto transport company should and will ask you questions as well. Why? In order to provide you with good information and help you make the best decision, their representatives need to be gathering facts about your vehicle. One of the biggest reasons is to help you assess what type of car carrier would work best.

There are actually 3 types of car carriers: Open, Soft-Side Enclosed, and Hard-Side Enclosed. Each is specialized for certain types of vehicles and specifications. For instance, drivers will handle a classic car (especially a show car) differently than fully-loaded jeep.

Open Auto Transport

We are all familiar with an open carrier. These are the ones you’d see driving down the interstate. These typically hold 8-10 vehicles, depending on size of the trailer as well as the vehicles. Open carriers are what most people associate with auto shipping. In fact, most cars transport by open carrier, including common luxury cars like Lexus and Jaguar.

Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed auto transport is one most people aren’t as familiar or even aware of. Soft-side enclosed shipping is used frequently by manufacturers, such as Mercedes Benz. The trailer has an open structure with a roof and end caps on the front and back. The sides are like curtains, made of canvas and pulled tight for transport.

Soft Enclosed Transporter

A soft side enclosed carrier has an open structure with a roof and end caps on the front and back with curtain-like sides made of canvas and pulled tight for transport.

Hard-side enclosed shipping looks similar to semis hauling other items. The trailer is usually made of tin or fiberglass. Most have a lift gate door for low clearance cars, such as a Lamborghini. This type is best for high-end, exotic, and classic show cars.

Both enclosed trailers have drip pans, which do a great job of keeping any possible fluids dripping from the top rack onto the lower level vehicles. The biggest difference is that hard-side trailers are 100% airtight. Since soft-side trailers use canvas instead of tin or aluminum, there is a potential of small amounts of dirt and grime getting on the vehicles.

Open vs Enclosed Auto Transport – Which to Choose?

Although anyone can choose any type of carrier, you have to keep in mind the additional costs. Enclosed carriers are specialized in handling vehicles that need a little extra care. The carriers who fall into the enclosed trailers category are usually slimmer than open, and it becomes even more limited if you’re looking for hard-side as well. If you would like your daily driver to have the royal treatment, make sure to book well in advance, too. Why? Since the lineup of carriers is smaller, it could make your transport time longer.

Find out all the types of services Executive offers on our Services page.

In short, any of the 3 types of carriers can get the job done. It all comes down to what kind of vehicle you own and how soon you would like it there. Contact the representatives here at EAS to help you make the right choice – 847-557-0200 or get a free quote!



Prepping Your Motorcycle for Shipping

Motorcycles being crated for shipping


There is nothing better than feeling the wind rush past you as you drive down the highway on your motorcycle. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to take your bike out for a ride. Events in your life may require shipping your bike. Be it moving across or not wanting to add unnecessary mileage, shipping can be a hassle-free way to get your bike where it needs to be. Before you load up your bike, you will need to make sure that you are shipping it correctly.

How to Ship Your Motorcycle

As with any vehicle, you will want to make sure that it is clean before shipping. Remove all dirt and soil deposits on the body and wheels of your bike. This will make it easier to inspect your bike and note any damages. It will also help the shipper inspect your bike and take their own notes. Take photos of your motorcycle before and after it is shipped just in case you need them.
For a running vehicle, check the fluids as well as the battery and tire pressure. For most domestic shipping your motorcycle should only have ¼ of the tank filled with gas when it is being shipped. If you are shipping your motorcycle overseas, you will likely need to remove all of the gas prior to having it crated. Remove any accessories that may cause issues during transport, loose items, and be sure to clean out any saddle bags. If your motorcycle has an alarm be sure to disable it and make sure that you let the driver know how to disable the alarm during shipping if the need arises.

Choose a Method to Ship Your Motorcycle

The first decision you will be faced with when having your vehicle shipped will be shipping via open or enclosed carrier. The basic difference between these two shipping methods is that with open, your bike is exposed to the outside elements. The enclosed method, on the other hand, will mean your motorcycle is shipped inside of a completely enclosed trailer. This all comes down to your preference and how well you want your bike protected. Now obviously if all other things are equal, everyone would choose enclosed shipping every time. But we know life is not that simple, right. The price of shipping enclosed is typically around 40-60 percent more than the open shipping option. So this decision really comes down to how much are you willing to pay to protect your bike from the possible weather and environmental perils. For me, the open option made the most sense, but I ride in the rain (not by choice) and use my motorcycle to commute. If you are shipping that old Harley Davidson Knucklehead, a custom chopper, or you just don’t feel like detailing it upon arrival you will probably be better off with enclosed.

Shipping a Motorcycle Across The Country

When you are ready to ship your motorcycle across the country, you will only want to go to a professional. They are the only ones who can ship your vehicles correctly. For the most trusted shippers, Executive Auto Shippers are the leaders in auto and motorcycle shipping. For more information, contact us at (847)557-0200.

You’re moving – either for the winter/summer season or permanently for work or some other reason. You have already made all the travel arrangements, including hiring a moving company and buying plane tickets. Then comes the question of what to do with your vehicles. It’s imperative you have your car or truck at your new home, and leaving behind or selling your classic car is not an option. The decision is made to have your vehicles transported to your new destination, and with that decision comes a couple more very important factors to consider. The first factor depends on the type of vehicle you are having shipped – for shipping classic cars, antique vehicles or luxury cars, choosing a reputable enclosed auto shipping company is the best way to ensure the pristine quality of your vehicle remains intact throughout its journey.

There are many vehicle shipping companies available to choose from, although that number will be whittled down a bit when you select an auto transport service that has enclosed shipping options. The decision to choose an experienced auto shipping company with enclosed vehicle shipping options brings you to the second factor you must consider – what auto transport service should you use?

Enclosed Auto Transport – Safely Ship Your Vehicle

One of the principal benefits of selecting an enclosed auto transport service to ship your vehicle is the fact that your car or truck will be completely enclosed throughout the duration of its relocation. Outside elements – including people, weather, road debris and animals – can be completely avoided by your vehicle. Any rock chips or dents, possibilities of theft or weather-induced damage can be avoided simply by choosing a company that encloses automobiles they are shipping within a sturdy truck.

How Do I Choose a Vehicle Shipping Company?

Executive Auto Shippers was founded by second-generation auto relocation professionals, which means we have the knowledge and experience to safely transport your vehicle across town, across the state, across the country or across an ocean. There are many transportation services an individual can employ for the shipment of their vehicle, but while many of these companies advertise the lowest prices and best deals, you have to ask yourself how the vehicles they ship fare throughout the journey. Do they provide such inexpensive service because the trucks they use are less than immaculate or their drivers are less experienced? Is the same care for your car or truck taken with other companies that is guaranteed by Executive Auto Shippers? When you choose us to perform your transportation services, you are ensuring the care and quality of your vehicle across any terrain.

Choosing the right company to ship your vehicle with is an investment – just like when you bought your automobile. Select the right transportation service and method of transport so you can maintain the excellence of your vehicle. Contact Executive Auto Shippers today to get started.