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Welcome to Executive Auto Shippers

Executive Auto Shippers is synonymous with integrity, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Transporting your automobile can be a stressful process, finding an auto moving company that’s reliable and trustworthy is essential. Our success is measured by happy customers and the relationships we build, rather than by sales quotas.

What Makes Us The Best Car Shipping Company

No Upfront Cost

At Executive Auto Shippers you pay nothing prior to your shipment being assigned to one of our pre-approved carriers. We’re here to ship your vehicle, not just collect a fee.

Auto Shipping Experts

Our award-winning customer service team prepares a shipping plan based on your personal needs, ensuring your auto transport is as easy & stress free as possible.

Extended Hours

Our auto shipping experts are available into the evening Monday–Thursday, and can be reached after-hours on our Emergency Line.

One Price Guarantee badge | Executive Auto Shippers

One Price Guarantee

No need to worry about hidden fees or surprise charges. Once you have placed a confirmed order your car transport cost is guaranteed. See Terms & Conditions.

Rental Car Guarantee badge | Executive Auto Shippers

Rental Car Guarantee

We know how important your vehicle is to your daily life. That’s why Executive Auto Shippers guarantees a timely car transport service. See Terms & Conditions.

More Than A Broker

You’ll be in contact with our auto shipping team throughout the process. We’re not a middle-man but rather an expert representing your best interests and needs.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car?

There are 4 basic factors to be considered when calculating the cost to ship a car. For more details visit our Frequently Asked Questions section or click here for an instant car transport quote.

1. Where is your vehicle shipping from and to?

It’s not just as easy as average cost per mile to ship a car. Every route has different variables that can affect the total cost of your quote.

It’s even quite common for the cost to be different for opposite directions on the exact same route. The quantity of vehicles shipping on a specific route compared to available truck space is definitely a contributing factor as well.

2. What are your vehicle details?

The size, weight and even the shape of your automobile will impact how much it costs to ship. Trucks, vans, SUVs and station wagons limit how many total vehicles the carrier can load.

In general, the larger and heavier the vehicle is, the higher the price is likely to be. Modifications that change dimensions like length, height, width or ground clearance may also affect the total quote.

3. What is the best shipping type for your vehicle?

Open Car Transport

An open car transport is the best choice for the majority of vehicle shipments. This type of transporter is the most common, economical and is a perfect choice for vehicles that are exposed to the elements on a daily basis.



Enclosed Car Carrier

If your vehicle deserves more attention, then you’ll probably want to ship your car in an enclosed car carrier. These carriers protect your vehicle from the environment and are a great option for exotic vehicles, antiques, motorcycles or any vehicle that you treat like your baby.

4. Is your automobile operable?

The first question is, does your automobile run and drive? A vehicle transport is not the same as taking your car for a drive around the block.

Some examples of things you may not consider are a weak parking brake or a slipping clutch. These may not be an issue for a short drive, but can create problems during the transportation process.

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