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Travel Nursing

Life of a Traveling Nurse

We know how hard your job is. If being on your feet for double shifts doesn’t wear you out, traveling probably does. Who wants to make their relocation last any longer or stressful than it already can be? We want to help! If you’re a traveling nurse who just got their first or next assignment, we can assist you with shipping your car.

We know your assignments can take you anywhere, sometimes with the change of the seasons, so we work to be flexible and accommodating. Executive can work with your busy schedule, too. Can’t be at your new apartment for delivery? We can arrange for your car shipment to be delivered as close to your new healthcare facility as possible. The same can be done for pick up as well.

We can also ship more than just standard cars. With our vast network of carriers, we have some that are specialized for shipping a motorcycle, pick up truck, and even ATVs.

Whether it’s a car shipping from Pennsylvania to Hawaii, or California to New York, we’ve got it covered. We want to help you be ready to hit the ground running on your next traveling nurse assignment without fatigue from your trip. Save your driving for your new commute!


What makes us one of the best car shipping companies? Our guarantees:


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Have questions? Here are a few FAQs we get often:


How far in advance should I book my auto transport?

We recommend booking your auto transport at least 1 week in advance, but we can accommodate last minute pick ups as well.


Can I pack personal items in my vehicle?

The industry standard allows up to 100lbs to be packed into a vehicle during transport. See specifics for packing here.


How long will it take to ship my vehicle?

The time period for a vehicle to be shipped depends on the miles it will travel. See how long will it take for your car to ship.


Can I track my vehicle?

Yes! We’ve implemented a program to allow you to see where your vehicle is to help you plan for delivery. Learn more about our auto shipper tracking.

Have more questions? Visit our FAQ page or give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer it for you.


Because your career is spent caring for others, we want to help care for you and your vehicle. As a way to say thank you for all you do, we offer a discount through different agencies. Mention which traveling nurse company you have an assignment with to see if you qualify.