Snowbirds & Seasonal Travelers

Snowbirds and seasonal travelers are a cornerstone of our business. In fact, some of Executive Auto Shippers’ first and most loyal customers are a short list of people who winter down south. Some include Florida snowbirds, clients that winter in Palm Springs CA, and others like Scottsdale, AZ or Corpus Christi, TX.

Although the warm destinations are the common choice, the people come from a variety of different places including Midwest states like Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, Northeastern states like New York and Massachusetts, a few from the Pacific Northwest in Oregon and Washington, and from Rocky Mountain states like Colorado.

Why use our snowbird auto shipping service?

Here are a few reasons:

  1. Towing isn’t easy. When you haul the vehicle yourself behind an RV, it can be a lot of extra work. It adds miles to the tires and odometer, puts unnecessary wear and tear on the vehicle, and, if not done properly, can be a safety issue.
  2. Driving takes time away. Many who go south or winter in Florida are retired. They’ve put in their time. Why make their golden years more work? Driving the vehicle themselves not only puts unwanted stress on the people driving but takes time out of their winter vacation. Shipping their vehicle is also safer than driving a long distance.
  3. Shipping a car is more convenient. Executive Auto Shippers’ Customer Service Representatives help make the pickup and delivery process as easy as possible. We allow up to 100lbs of personal items in the trunk or cargo area as well. (see more below)
  4. Cheaper than renting. No matter the length of time you stay, who wouldn’t prefer to have their own vehicle? If you’re only staying two weeks, renting an auto may make more sense, but when you’ll be staying longer, the costs may not be much different. It’s worth taking some time to compare the costs of renting a car versus having it shipped.

Snowbirds are Our Specialty

At Executive Auto Shippers, we have been helping snowbirds and seasonal travelers get their vehicles safely to their winter destinations since 2009, and some of our staff have been in the industry for decades longer with other companies.

All of our customers are unique in their needs, and you are no different. We understand snowbirds and seasonal travelers have specific needs when traveling, and we’ve learned over the years how to best meet those needs.

Since you aren’t moving permanently, but are going for a extended stay, you have more items you need to take with you. Unfortunately, luggage at the airport can get expensive.

That’s why we allow up to 100 lbs of non-valuable personal items to be packed into your vehicle. These items need to be in the trunk or cargo area of your vehicle, with the back seats up and below the window level, which helps drivers safely load your car onto the trailer. If you think you’ll have more than 100 lbs of clothing or other items, we are still able to assist you with your transport for an additional fee. Carriers have to stay within a specific weight for their loads, so the fee is passed along to the vehicle owner to help cover costs of possible penalties and/or fines for being overweight.

We are also able to charge your entire shipment onto your credit card so you don’t have to worry about payment at delivery. This is available for an additional fee which is passed along to the carrier. This way, if you aren’t able to be present, your car will still be delivered where it needs to be and available when you arrive.

If for some reason the shipment is delayed past the guaranteed transport time, you won’t be stranded thanks to our Rental Car Guarantee.

Don’t let your winter vacation start with a long drive! Let our knowledgeable and friendly staff help you start enjoying your time away sooner.

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