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When you’re looking to ship your exotic, high-end, or classic car or just want a little extra protection, we will suggest using one of our enclosed auto transport companies. With two types of enclosed available, we can help you find the right shipping method to fit your needs. Knowing you’ve put time and energy into taking care of your prized possession, we want you to feel secure in your car shipping decision. Our enclosed carriers are knowledgeable in how to properly handle your vehicle’s shipping needs. Whether shipping your car to the next state or across the country, you can know that your baby is in good hands as it travels with us.

Soft-Side Enclosed Carrier For Classic and Exotic Car Transport

A softside enclosed car carrier loading.

Soft-side enclosed carriers are how most new luxury cars, like BMWs, are transported to dealerships. Offering more protection than a standard open carrier, it can be a more cost-effective way to protect your car. But what do we mean by “soft-side?”

This term means that the sides of the trailer are constructed of a heavy canvas that can be opened for easier access when loading or unloading. Since there can be small gaps between the canvases and the structure, your car may still get a little dirty from road grime, but is protected from weather and other outside elements. Otherwise, these are built similar to hard-side carriers with a hard floor and roof. Soft-side enclosed carriers can hold an average of 6 vehicles per load.

Hard-Side Enclosed Carrier for Auto Transport

Our hard-side enclosed carriers offer the highest level of protection for your car. This type of carrier is air tight and protects against all outside elements. The added protection of a hard-side carrier keeps your luxury or collectable vehicle safer and cleaner than any other shipping method. These carriers can hold anywhere from one to six vehicles.

Hard Side Enclosed Car Transport

Hard Side Enclosed Carrier

The larger enclosed car carrier would have 2 levels, holding up to 3 on top and bottom.

Requesting a hard-side only carrier is considered an upgrade and will have an additional fee.

Typically we suggest that show quality vehicles or exotics (for example a Ferrari) choose the hard-side only method of transport. Most other vehicles we suggest our “standard enclosed shipping”, which means it could be a soft or hard-side carrier. When you choose the standard enclosed method, the type of equipment is assigned based on availability.

enclosed car carrier liftgate | Executive Auto Shippers

Hard-side carriers can also have a lift gate option as part of an exotic car transport service for those that have a lower ground clearance.

If you’re looking to ship your motorcycle, transporting it by either soft-side or hard-side enclosed carrier is the safest way. Enclosed carriers can load your motorcycle two ways. Some will have a lift gate, like the picture above, and others will have extended ramps. Both help to safely load your motorcycle.

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Still unsure what would be the best shipping method for your vehicle? Give our experts a call or check out our blog, Knowing Your Options: Open vs Enclosed.


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