Shipping A Car

Can I ship my car with stuff in it?

When shipping a car with Professional Auto Shippers you may pack up to 100 lbs of non-valuable personal items in the trunk of your vehicle. If you have an SUV or hatchback with no trunk the personal items must remain in the cargo area, behind the very rear seat and below the level of the windows. When shipping a car with personal items inside, you may not fold down seats to extend the cargo area. The driver will not weigh your items, but rather will make a visual assessment of packing. If yours looks like it is over packed the driver will assume that it is. Typically 100 lbs is the equivalent of 3 carry on sized suitcases (9” x 14” x 22”) or 2 checked sized suitcases (12” x 20” x 30”). Any personal items shipped inside are done at your own risk. The driver will not inspect or inventory any of these items and they will not be covered by any insurance. Packing over the 100lbs may result in the driver refusing to pick up your vehicle or additional fees. If you have a pick up truck, you won’t be allowed to leave anything in the bed, strapped down or not. This is because it can be a danger to the other automobiles on the load as well as other drivers near the carrier. Even if it is strapped down, your item may become loose due to the jostling encountered with transport.

Items that cannot be shipped under any circumstance: prescription medicine or other drugs, firearms, alcohol, or items of value.