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What is the safest spot on the car carrier?

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What is the safest possible loading position on the car carrier for my car?

This is a common question when planning to ship a car on an open carrier. Some customers even offer to pay more to guarantee a specific spot on the car carrier. Like most auto shipping topics, the answer to this question is a bit more complicated than you might think.

The most important piece of knowledge to gain from this question is that all of the loading positions are quite safe. At Executive Auto Shippers around 99% of our total shipments are delivered damage free.

Why ask what is the safest position to ship my car is?

Although all of the possible loading positions on the car carrier have an equally low risk of damage, they are not all exactly equal. Each spot on the car carrier risks a slightly different type of transport damage. As an example, many customers request a top load to avoid anything that may drip from a vehicle loaded above theirs. While loading your car on top will certainly eliminate the risk of dripping fluids, it increases the exposure to anything that might be flying through the air, or above the carrier such as an overpass. So requesting a specific spot on the carrier will only make sense if you are attempting to avoid a particular type of transport damage but will not help to prevent transport damage altogether.


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