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Guest Post Guidelines

Yes, Executive Auto Shippers’ blog accepts guest posts written by outside or freelance contributors. If you are interested in becoming a guest contributor, please submit content for review. Before submitting an article to post, please read the following guidelines. Meeting our strict criteria is not a guarantee that your content will be published, but it is a great start. We look forward to reading your article and thank you for showing interest in writing for our blog.


Article Submission Guidelines

The Executive Auto Shippers blog delivers content that is both interesting and informational to our customers. Our typical customer is any consumer that has the immediate need to ship their vehicle, generally long distance.

To see an example of approved guest post content please take a look at this San Francisco moving guide.


Why our customers visit our site.

  • Snowbirds ~ Wintering in Florida, Texas, Arizona or any other warm climate.
  • Military Transfer(PCS) ~ When our Commander and Chief says “It is time to move.”
  • Family Relocation ~ Moving across the country for various reasons.
  • Corporate Relocation ~ When a career change requires a long distance move.
  • Online Car Purchase ~ Why limit your search to a local dealer, we will ship it.
  • Classic Car Collectors ~ Car lovers that want that specific classic.
  • Adventure ~ When you decide to uproot and move to paradise.
  • Oversize Vehicles ~ Fashion Trucks, Food Trucks, Etc.
  • Off Road Vehicle ~ Motorcycles, UTVs and Racecars being shipped.


Some (but not all) relevant topics.

  • Moving or Relocation
  • Real Estate
  • Snowbird Lifestyle
  • Traveling
  • PCS
  • Online Car Shopping
  • Classic/Antique/Exotic Cars
  • Moving With a Family


What we are looking for in a guest post.

  • Content must be unique and original.
  • All articles should be 600 – 1200 words in length.
  • If submitting images or video, only open domain usage will be accepted and you must provide a link to the original source.
  • Any specific research should be cited in your article.
  • Grammatically correct, written in U.S. English.
  • Desired and suggested links.


What we will not accept.

  • This is not an automotive or vehicle maintenance blog. Most if not all articles related to this topic will be rejected
  • Adult Content
  • Political Opinion
  • Competitor Content
  • Plagiarized or Spammy Content


What you can expect if you write for us.


An undesignated number of follow links. Links are not guaranteed and will be placed on a case-by-case basis. Relevancy will be a definite factor in link placements.

You can expect all article submissions to be reviewed within seven (7) business days. We will not respond to all authors who submit an article and will not provide any editorial guidance for submissions that are not posted.


Please submit guest posts by email.

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