What to check before buying a car online?

Online shopping has become a daily habit in this day and age. Everyone already knows the numerous benefits of shopping on the Internet, so there is no need to go into any further detail about this subject. On the other hand, not everyone is aware of the traps and risks associated with online shopping. Sure, when buying groceries or clothes, the risks are negligible. However, when buying or selling a house or purchasing a car online, one should proceed with extra caution! Every pricey purchase needs to be carefully thought out and thoroughly researched! Thus, you need to be aware of all the things you should check before buying a car online.


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Figure 1: Be cautious when buying a car online, as there are a lot of things that could go wrong.

Use the right websites and search engines when buying a car online

There are plenty of websites and search engines that can help you when buying your perfect car. However, to find the right car for you, you should use more than one website, as you want to see every car out there and make the best and most informed decision. One such site is eBay, for example. Moreover, different sites contain different information. Therefore, on some websites, you will be able to narrow down your search to the smallest of details. Of course, if you have very specific requests, you will have to be ready to compromise.

Be flexible

People who demand specific requirements to be met must learn how to be flexible. You have to be aware that a car you are looking for might be based in a different state, perhaps even on a different coast. If you are not willing to travel long-distance to pick up your car, you need to lower your demands. And, if you are wondering how much it costs to ship a car, let us tell you that this is no cheap endeavor. Therefore, before buying a car online, compare your finances with your demands, and decide what`s the best approach for you.

Shortlist the potential cars

Once you commit yourself to research, chances are high you will find a few options that will meet all of your demands. After all, the number of cars on sale is significant, so there is no way not to find what you are looking for. Thus, after seeing all of your viable options, do pick three to four candidates. Moreover, make sure not to fall in love with too many cars (which we know will be difficult), as this will only lead to confusion and indecisiveness.


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Figure 2: Too many options rarely lead to anything good. Your list of potential cars should not contain more than four candidates.

Investigate the experiences with the car dealers before buying a car

Sometimes, you will find everything you are looking for in a car. If those characteristics get paired with a small price, you might jump the gun and buy the car without conducting any research. However, this would be a big mistake on your part. Before you buy a car online, you need to do a background check of the car dealer that is selling it. Reviews and experiences always play a crucial role when deciding whether or not to buy a car. Of course, if you check that section, and the reviews turn out to be good, you are in luck! You can feel free to proceed with the process, as the car dealer seems to be trustworthy and reliable.

Research the car you plan to buy

Arguably, this might be the most crucial part of the entire process. It is the part when you investigate the specifics of a specific car and check its history. All of this is more than necessary, as this research is the only way to conclude whether the car is worth buying, or not.

  • Ask for the vehicle`s history report before buying a car online. You can check a car`s history via a document called a CARFAX, but do know that you will have to hand in 35 dollars for the report.
  • Check whether the car needs to have any work done. You need to know exactly how much money you`ll have to invest in the potential repairs.
  • Finally, talk with your seller, and see whether you can set a date for a check by a mechanic. If the car dealer says no, it should be a huge red flag that something is not right.

In life, it is very important to be careful with everything we do. When moving, you would make sure to check many things, wouldn`t you? You would make sure to hire the most reputable movers and to find space to store your items safely. We all know that moving can be connected to many frauds, so it is advisable to be cautious. The same goes for online shopping. Before you buy a car online, do your best to check all of the things we mentioned a few moments ago. They might be the only thing standing between you and a complete disaster.

Understand the price

As previously mentioned, you should not blindly choose the lowest price offered. On the other hand, you should also stay realistic, and not overspend. The only way to stay within your budget is if you understand the price. Are there any warranties and services included in the price? How about taxes and any extra charges? Do not look at the monthly payments only, but make an effort to understand what is included in the stated price by the seller, and what is not.


Cash in hand

Figure 3: Before buying a car online, figure out whether you can afford it.

When buying a car online, you must be cautious, and never let the price fool you. Moreover, always keep in mind the location of your potential car, and whether you will have to relocate it yourself. And, if the relocation of your car happens to be connected to the moving of your house, be extra careful. This is a particularly tricky mix, and only local professionals will help you move with ease. They are the ones with enough knowledge and skill, and trying to pull off the entire process by yourself could be a recipe for disaster. Good luck, and keep our advice in mind!

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