Navigate Vehicle Registration & Auto Insurance With Ease After Moving

Moving to a brand new state for a job, for school or for any other reason can be stressful enough without having to think about the other important details that come with moving – finding a new place, a new doctor, auto transport options, and researching your new state’s requirements regarding your vehicle and its registration and insurance.

Some states stipulate that you must register your vehicle within 10 days of taking residency while others give you 90. Just because you happen to live in a state that requires registration within 90 days does not mean that the state you are moving to, which may even be bordering your current state, has the same rules. Also, while registering your vehicle within the allotted time period is necessary and important, other details within your state regulations are also essential to know and comply with – like whether or not your new state requires you to purchase vehicle insurance from a local provider and how long you have to make the switch.

With the thousand and one things that take up an individual’s time when preparing for a move, the other details that might not seem like priorities at the moment can be of critical importance. Executive Auto Shippers believes in providing well-rounded vehicle shipping information – we are here to help make your auto shipping experience go as smoothly as possible, starting with some helpful tips regarding your vehicle and its compliance with any requirements posed by your new state.

Two to three weeks before you relocate –

Give your current vehicle insurance agent a call to find out what your options for transferring your insurance to your new state are. Sometimes, with larger insurance companies, an agent in one state is also licensed in some of the bordering states as well – you may be able to continue working with your current agent. If they are not licensed in the state you are moving to, or if the insurance carrier you currently have does not provide service there, your insurance agent can generally guide you in the right direction with recommendations for a new carrier. If asking for recommendations from your current insurance agent is not possible, asking for options from people at your new job or company can also provide helpful information.

A week to five days before your move –

Now is the time to finalize your new vehicle insurance arrangements. Double-check that you have made your required payments to keep your vehicle insured from the time Executive Auto Shippers picks it up in your current state to the time we drop it off at your front door before your new coverage starts.

In many cases you can receive a discount if you have your vehicle insurance and renter’s or homeowner’s insurance through the same carrier – be sure to ask your new insurance agent if there are any discounts available. Insurance agents usually have experience helping people new to a state with vehicle-related information – ask your agent for information about state regulations regarding registering your vehicle.

After your vehicle has arrived –

To ensure continued coverage on your vehicle, contact your new insurance agent as soon as Executive Auto Shippers delivers your vehicle.

Before you head out to register your vehicle, make sure you have all the required documentation on hand (you can usually find vehicle registration information and required documents on a city or state’s Department of Motor Vehicles website).

Moving can be stressful, especially if it’s for an unexpected relocation or one that requires a short moving period. Executive Auto Shippers strives to provide the best service and most helpful information possible to help our customers experience a more smooth transition. Contact the auto transport professionals at Executive Auto Shippers today.

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