Truths and Myths about Auto Shipping Services

Not all auto transport companies are created equal, and because so few of us have the need to use an auto shipper enough times to become an expert in the business, a lot is left to chance. Executive Auto Shippers recognizes that when a person is selecting the company that will be moving their vehicle from one place to the next, there are certain truths and myths to keep in mind during the research process.

Truth: For a quote, go directly to the websites of the vehicle transport companies you’re interested in

This may seem like an obvious first step, but with so many brokers on the Internet trying to push their clients into being chosen, deciphering between an okay auto shipping company and an excellent one can be difficult. Avoid putting your information into a multi-quote site – it may seem like a great idea because of the hope of being able to transport your vehicle for less, but as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for, and when you are shipping a prized classic car or daily driver, quality care and service should be a priority.
When you contact Executive Auto Shippers, you will receive friendly service and honest, no hassle quotes. Select the best service for one of your most important investments.

Myth: Having your vehicle shipped to your door is more expensive than having it dropped off at a terminal

In many cases choosing door to door service rather than door to terminal transport is cheaper. This is generally because the fees charged by terminals for sheltering the vehicle until you pick it up can outweigh the time and fuel saved by the auto carrier even when they leave your auto at a terminal.

Unless you live in a very difficult to reach or out of the way area, having your vehicle shipped to your front door might actually be the less expensive option.

Truth: Removing all personal and valuable items from your vehicle before transport is important

This is a true statement, but while many might think it’s true because leaving valuables in their car while it’s being shipped is just asking for trouble, the reality is much more simple. Auto carriers have very strict weight limits to adhere to, so by removing anything that doesn’t need to be in your car can cost the carrier less… which in turn could cost you less. Also, while your vehicle itself will be insured by the company for the duration of the auto shipment, any personal items inside will not be.

Another weight reduction tip to be considered – having less than a quarter tank of fuel in your vehicle at the time of shipment is also a good idea.

Myth: Regardless of the terrain, auto shipping costs depend solely on miles traveled

If you are a snowbird heading back north after a warm winter in Arizona and your house is in a lovely mountain community, chances are your auto transport costs might be a bit higher due to the fact that your mountain home is more difficult to reach. This is not to say that Executive Auto Shippers won’t work to get you the best possible price for your auto shipping needs, however it is a good idea to be aware that wile distance between locations is an important factor in shipping costs, difficulty in pick up/drop off locations may also occasionally come into play as well.

Choosing the right auto transport company for your needs is an important process; contact Executive Auto Shippers to find out more from one of the best auto shipping companies available.

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