To Move or not to Move? The Dilemmas of Job Relocation

“Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new” ~ Brian Tracy

As much as we would all like to see new places and travel, life’s everyday rat race tends to get in the way of our dreams. So much so that people don’t get time off to breathe or visit our dream destinations. But, what if you could turn your career into an opportunity to live out some of your dreams. Today many younger professionals are doing just that by using their career as an excuse to travel. Since most of our lives are spent in our office at work, why not let work provide an opportunity to go to a new city, town or country?

If you’re on board with this idea and already starting to look forward to relocating, let me be the devil’s advocate and add in a small spoiler. The one small detail that you may not have thought about is the mundane and overwhelming task of packing, moving and oh yes! Unpacking as well. If you were relocated several times during your childhood, then you probably recall the fear of all this chaos! I, for one, had to move almost 7 times because of my father’s relocation (trust me it is annoying to the core!).
Now that I am all grown up, I have moved from city to city and even sometimes country to country for my career. So, I understand how thrilling the prospect of starting a new job in a new place can be. The possibilities of meeting new people, exploring new places, the adventure and new experiences that come from exploring a new destination. But, with the prospects of all these new’s, lies the hidden doom of packing and moving.

Universally moving has been cited as one of the most stressful experiences that someone can encounter, and yet CareerBuilder has found that 44% of people are still willing to relocate for a career opportunity!

Moving boxes labeled by room.

When I think back and analyze why and how the tedious job of packing and moving became so easy and stress-free for me, I realized that my dependable packers and shippers helped me to the extent that I didn’t have to even lift a finger! Over the years, the number of companies that offer shipping and moving services has increased threefold. Probably because the number of people migrating for career opportunities has also increased. Never the less, these companies have actually helped smooth out many career travelers lives. So, if the only reason that you weren’t up for relocating was the challenging and grueling task of packing and moving, well now you have a way out.

Just because packing and moving are taken care of, doesn’t mean you’ll want to jump from job to job under the pretext of traveling to a new destination. There are several other details that you’ll want to keep in mind. Or even better, there are certain questions that you should ask yourself before taking that ultimate leap of faith. So, before you book your tickets and plan your journey, here are some questions you need to ask yourself.

IS THE ORGANIZATION WORTHY: In today’s world, there are ample career opportunities through the various job posting sites and networks. With a parade of job opportunities coming our way, it becomes more important to be analytical and research oriented. News of people relocating to far off locations only to find out their new job is now what they expected is not unheard of. This is precisely why everyone should dedicate and put in the time to carefully read about the company and see whether or not they will fit in there. No one would want to be the odd one out!

WILL MY MOVE BE COVERED: Moving may have gotten easy, but at the end of the day it still is an expensive affair. It is very important to get a firm commitment from your future organization, stating that they will help you cover the costs of packing and moving. For those of you, who decide to relocate because of the salary increment factor, you may want to keep in mind this one point. Half of your increment will be spent on resettling in a new city. So is the additional income all going to be spent on the relocation? A thought that everyone needs to ponder on!

CONSIDERING THE WHAT IF? Most people take the hasty decision of moving to a new place without considering the aspect of the job market in that city. Hurrah! You have a new job, you move, and then suddenly due to some reason the job that you moved for is no longer working out. What then? It is critical that you study all the aspects of moving to a new place. You should analyze all the possible pros and cons and only then make the decision to relocate. Study the job opportunities of the city and analyze whether you will be able to find another job just in case this one doesn’t work out.

IT’S ALL ABOUT BEING SOCIAL: One of the aspects that people tend to overlook is how their social life can be affected by the relocation. We may feel that finding new friends and a circle that we can fit into won’t be difficult; however, it can be an uphill climb. We only understand the value of our social circle (friends and family) once we don’t have it anymore. Try relocating to a destination where you have a few familiar faces. Trust me, knowing even one person in a sea of the unknown will be a relief.

AM I REALLY READY? Most of us assume that we are able and fit to handle the challenge of a job relocation. But, trust me no one is ever really prepared. After having moved so many times, there are still instances when I get homesick and long for home cooked food and washed clothes. All those things that look minor and insignificant suddenly become very necessary and critical. So, before anyone decides to leave all things familiar and go to the land of the unknown, ask yourself if you are actually ready for all the unfamiliarity to unfold.


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