Deciding How to Ship Luxury Cars, Antique Vehicles & Classic Cars?

You’re moving – either for the winter/summer season or permanently for work or some other reason. You have already made all the travel arrangements, including hiring a moving company and buying plane tickets. Then comes the question of what to do with your vehicles. It’s imperative you have your car or truck at your new home, and leaving behind or selling your classic car is not an option. The decision is made to have your vehicles transported to your new destination, and with that decision comes a couple more very important factors to consider. The first factor depends on the type of vehicle you are having shipped – for shipping classic cars, antique vehicles or luxury cars, choosing a reputable enclosed auto shipping company is the best way to ensure the pristine quality of your vehicle remains intact throughout its journey.

There are many vehicle shipping companies available to choose from, although that number will be whittled down a bit when you select an auto transport service that has enclosed shipping options. The decision to choose an experienced auto shipping company with enclosed vehicle shipping options brings you to the second factor you must consider – what auto transport service should you use?

Enclosed Auto Transport – Safely Ship Your Vehicle

One of the principal benefits of selecting an enclosed auto transport service to ship your vehicle is the fact that your car or truck will be completely enclosed throughout the duration of its relocation. Outside elements – including people, weather, road debris and animals – can be completely avoided by your vehicle. Any rock chips or dents, possibilities of theft or weather-induced damage can be avoided simply by choosing a company that encloses automobiles they are shipping within a sturdy truck.

How Do I Choose a Vehicle Shipping Company?

Executive Auto Shippers was founded by second-generation auto relocation professionals, which means we have the knowledge and experience to safely transport your vehicle across town, across the state, across the country or across an ocean. There are many transportation services an individual can employ for the shipment of their vehicle, but while many of these companies advertise the lowest prices and best deals, you have to ask yourself how the vehicles they ship fare throughout the journey. Do they provide such inexpensive service because the trucks they use are less than immaculate or their drivers are less experienced? Is the same care for your car or truck taken with other companies that is guaranteed by Executive Auto Shippers? When you choose us to perform your transportation services, you are ensuring the care and quality of your vehicle across any terrain.

Choosing the right company to ship your vehicle with is an investment – just like when you bought your automobile. Select the right transportation service and method of transport so you can maintain the excellence of your vehicle. Contact Executive Auto Shippers today to get started.

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