The Value of a Rental Car Guarantee

A rarity amidst the auto shipping industry

You’d think that every business would pull out all the stops when it comes to serving customers. It just makes sense, the customer is always right. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case in the automobile shipping industry, where Executive Auto Shippers stands as one of the only companies to offer a Rental Car Guarantee.

Vehicle shipping can be emotionally strenuous

Having your automobile professionally transported, especially when it’s an exotic or classic, is a nerve-racking experience. Most people would rather do it themselves. But when you’re in that position, you’ll find there is no way around it. Unless you want to spend days on the road, skipping from hotel to hotel, highway to highway, you have to ship. The juxtaposition between stress and necessity is quite alarming.
Auto transport, like all services, should reflect an aura of certainty and comfort. Making the customer feel relaxed is a vital requisite for a business. The fact that a majority of auto shipping entities do not do this is unsettling. So don’t ship until you feel totally at ease! Because although security is rare to find in the industry, it is obtainable.

Eliminate stress with Executive

With Executive, quality, stress-free service is abundant. There is no shortage of planning and preparation when it comes to our work. Our groundbreaking Rental Car Guarantee is a result of such scrupulous provision. With us, you can throw those worries and anxieties, often associated with long distance auto transport, out the window. Because even if your car is late, and it rarely is, we promise to set you up with a rental car from Enterprise Rent-A-Car. So there is no hindrance in your daily agenda.
That’s the way to have your car transported. In a matter that is in no way obtrusive to your emotional or physical life. If you want the reassurance and confidence that comes standard with a Rental Car Guarantee, than Executive Auto Shippers is the team for you. Whether you’re headed to New York, Los Angeles, Houston, or even Canada, we’ve got the experienced professionals that’ll take care of you and the automobiles you hold dear!
For more information on our services and our Rental Car Guarantee, visit our website, go through our customer reviews or make a request for a quote. And as always, feel free to call (847)-557-0200 and we’ll be sure to answer any questions you have.

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