It pays to be transparent

Life is so much easier when everything regarding money is clear cut and understandable. Unfortunately, many companies are unable to comprehend that sentiment. Some of them do but choose to ignore it, especially in the auto shipping industry. Often, customers will prepare to pay one figure, then be forced to pay another when the dust has settled. It’s shady, it’s crooked, it’s downright awful.

It’s not what we, at Executive Auto Shippers, are about. We are known within the industry for many things, one of them being our innovative One Price Guarantee.

The two-tiered approach

Our One Price Guarantee is built on two tenants. The first tenant is the best price possible. Whether we’re hauling your prized Mustang or the family station wagon, you can be sure that the price we’ve arrived at is the most reasonable number we could muster. The second tenant is our unwavering dedication to that number. Whichever price you’re offered, you can be sure that’s what you’ll pay. We absolutely despise hidden fees and unexpected charges. You won’t encounter them with Executive.

Budget without fear

The One Price Guarantee is important for budgeting purposes. It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving, buying, or selling – if you have to ship an automobile, it’s going to affect your pocketbook. Without hidden fees, you have the ability to crunch your numbers and not worry about a surprise charge messing everything up. Budgeting is the foundation for any large transaction. Once you account for our price, the remaining money can be spent on other aspects of your endeavor. It does nothing but add confidence and progress to any project.

Our customers deserve it

We, at Executive Auto Shippers, provide guarantees like this (see: Rental Car Guarantee) because we care about our clients. We’ve been doing this for 6 years, so we understand how nerve-racking vehicle shipping can be. Our customers have enough to worry about. That’s why we take the fear of hidden fees and unexpected charges out of the equation.

If you’ve just sold your Mercedes Benz and need to ship it from Los Angeles to New York. Or if the family is moving from St. Louis to Dallas, and you need to get the cars down there. We’re the team to call! Visit our website or call (847)-557-0200 for more information!

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