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Storing Your Classic Car For The Winter

Friday, September 4, 2015

Importance of Properly Storing Your Classic Car

Owning a classic car can be an investment or fuel your love of great automobiles. Either way, you will find the need to take care of it as best as you can. One way that car owners fail at protecting their car is by not properly storing them when they are not in-use. It is especially important for seasons with extreme weather (i.e. summer and winter) that your car be put away so that its exterior does not suffer/

How to Store Your Vehicle

Prior to storing your car away for a period of time, change the oil and filter and run the engine to circulate the new oil. Fresh oil will aid in the prevention of corrosion. You will also want to fill your gas and the recommended amount fuel stabilizer and drive around for about 15 minutes. This will prevent gum and varnish buildup which can ruin your fuel pump.
Raise the vehicle on jack stands and lower the air pressure. All tires will develop a “flat-spot” while in storage which is why you will want to place them on jacks to save them from damage. Some tires can come back from a flat-spot if they were only sitting for a few months but if left for a half a year, the spot can become permanent.
While your car can be safe from the elements while in a garage, it may not be safe from furry little creatures who can make their way in. Rodents love hiding inside the exhaust or heating system. Prevent them from entering and wreaking havoc by plugging the exhaust system and the air filter. Do not forget to take them out when you finally drive your car again.
Inevitably your battery will drain but if it becomes overheated or freezes, it will need to be replaced. Simply disconnect it and store inside your home and connect a battery maintainer to your vehicle.

Antique Car Shipping

Whether you are making a move, participating in a car show, or selling your vehicle, it is important that it remains protected during the journey. At Executive Auto Shippers, we provide the shipping services you need to keep your vehicle safe. Enclosed shipping will be your best bet to keep exterior safe while traveling all while not putting excess mileage on your car. Schedule your shipping today.