Spending The Winter In Your Winter Home – How To Prepare And What To Pack

Many people of means, especially if they have retired, choose to spend the harsh winters of their hometown somewhere warmer. Canadians, for example, will choose a place like Florida, attractive for its year-round sunny weather and particularly pleasant winter climate. If you are a snowbird planning on spending the winter in your winter home for the first time, here’s how to prepare and what to pack.


As with any kind of move, be it temporary or permanent, planning is key. Before you head south for the winter, you want to make sure all of your affairs are in order so you can leave for the warmer weather with peace of mind. Before you think about what to pack for a winter vacation, consider what you’re leaving behind.


Many people ask a friend or even hire a person to check up on their house once in a while, water the plants, and make sure everything is kept safe and sound. If you own a security system, you should let your security company know you will be leaving for a while and ask about any special offers they might have for those cases.


If you’re a snowbird literally flying across the country to your winter home, you might want to think about finding appropriate storage for your car. There’s a variety of options for storing your car, be it outdoors or indoors, and they all beat letting your car sit in your driveway, unprotected, for months. You may also have some valuables you do not want to bring with you when spending the winter in your winter home. However, you might also feel uneasy about leaving them in your house. Personal storage units are the perfect solution to this kind of problem. Your belongings will be safe and insured and you will be able to sleep soundly across the country.

Medical insurance and prescription drugs

If your winter home is in another country, it might be implied that you will make sure to get medical insurance that will have you covered even abroad. However, don’t take anything for granted, especially if traveling to the US. Make sure you have it on good authority that you will be able to visit a doctor and have all your prescriptions filled out when you’re enjoying your time away. If you’re traveling state to state, you should also look into your insurance policy and the policies of that particular state. You should try to prevent any nasty surprises in the health department long before you leave.

A drawing of a doctor with a clipboard.
Make sure your medical insurance has you covered in all states.

Entertainment and hobbies when spending the winter in your winter home

Spending the winter in your winter home can sound very promising. It will only be so if you know what you will do to fill the time. If you’re comfortable using a laptop or a tablet, you might be able to avoid having to worry about getting television or even stereos or radios. Furthermore, consider some hobbies you could take up while you’re away. The most attractive ones are those that don’t require a lot of equipment you would have to carry with you. Consider things like photography if you can get your hands on a nice piece of equipment. You’ll have a fresh perspective on your surroundings when you’re not around things and places you’re used to. Books are also always a good choice. You can catch up on the reading you have missed during the years. Moreover, you can even re-read some of your favorite classics.

What to pack for a winter vacation?

Packing lightly is a good rule of thumb. You are going there to rest and enjoy yourself and you don’t want to feel encumbered by too many things. It is also more difficult to move if you’re taking a lot with you. Moving websites like verifiedmovers.com will help you find the right moving company that will fit your particular needs.

It’s one thing when you have to move your belongings to NC across the US permanently, and quite another when you’re doing a seasonal snowbird move. Think of the ways you want to spend your days there and then pack accordingly. Be thoughtful when choosing the clothes you’re taking with you.

Furthermore, don’t burden yourself by carrying with you things that you can easily buy. Bringing toiletries, for example, with you, might seem like a money-saving hack, but that essentially isn’t the case. It will just add unnecessary weight to your luggage and take up valuable space. This is one of the best ways how to be a snowbird on a budget. In some cases, you will find yourself using the same items or gadgets when moving over and over again, year after year. It might be a good idea to either have a storage unit for these at your winter home. Another thing you can do is mail them to yourself back and forth, if possible. This will keep you from having to carry these around with you. On the other hand, you will still be able to use them.

Ways to save money while spending the winter in your winter home

Feeling like you’re on vacation might tempt you to eat out as much as possible. However, you might want to train yourself how to be a snowbird on a budget. You could consider cooking more while you’re there instead of going out. If you own your winter home, having the appliances and utensils to cook for yourself will be much easier and require you to shop just in that first year. If you rent your winter home in the same place year after year, you may want to consider getting a storage unit to put away the appliances that you use. It might seem pricey at first, but it will save you money in the long run.

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