Smart Gadgets You Need When Moving Into A New Home

Moving is a complicated process, but it can also be a very exciting process. Starting fresh in a new location can be the perfect opportunity to upgrade your lifestyle and get that device you’ve always wanted. Additionally, there are a lot of gadgets today that can help you avoid the most common moving mistakes and settle into your new home with ease. Check out our list of the most amazing smart gadgets you need when moving into a new home.

Home security and safety

The first thing you’ll want to know about your new home is that it’s secure and safe to live in! Thus, our first batch of smart gadgets you need when moving into a new home is focused on keeping your home safe! Additionally, when packing your things, make sure you check out some moving tips for damage proofing your items when moving your home. There’d be no use in ensuring your new home is safe if all your items arrive damaged in one way or another.

  • Locks – Smart locks for your doors and windows that notify you when they’re opened are a great weight off the mind when you’re not at home. In addition to this, with the right app, you can even record a history of each time they’ve been opened in the last 24h.
  • Cameras – Nothing says “safety” like motion triggered, heat sensitive cameras! They’ll keep a watchful eye on your yard and keep you safe.
  • Advanced smoke detectors – We are not really sure why these aren’t mandatory in every home yet, but we think they will be, once their production gets cheaper. They notify you and the fire department of a fire in your home, but, you also receive the info about which room it’s in, whether it’s a slow or fast burning fire as well as how long it will take for the fire department to get there.

Useful knickknacks

Apart from your security and the safety of the things you’re transporting, you’ll want to outfit your new home with the latest and most interesting gadgets. However, before you do so, you’ll want to consider making small investments for these useful knickknacks what will make both your move and your life easier!


Token trackers are basically GPS devices embedded in plastic chips which help you find anything you attach them to. As you might have assumed, their practical applications are endless, and they come in especially handy during a relocation! If you want to make sure a special box doesn’t get misplaced, put one of these trackers in it. Or, if you’ve moved with your dog, make sure you place a tracker on its collar, so you’ll know where it is if it gets lost in the new and unfamiliar neighborhood. If you get the right enclosed car transport services, you’ll be able to track your car with them. But, if you want to be extra sure, you can always leave one of the tracking tokens in your car to always know where it is in real time.

Energy saving tools

For example, if you’re moving to California, you’ll hire JB Movers Los Angeles to save you money. So, why not get some smart gadgets that will save you money once you move into your new home? There is a wide variety to choose from, so you’ll be able to get the ones that perfectly suit your lifestyle. In addition to this, these useful items will help you preserve our environment and reduce your carbon footprint. Thus, you’ll not only be saving money but the planet as well! Some of these items include faucets that preserve water, electrical sockets that track how much power you’re using and LED light bulbs that save you money and provide a healthier light for your working or living space.


Even though saving energy and helping the planet is great, sometimes we just need to take that 40-minute shower or turn the AC on max if we’re cold. Your new home should not be different! Being comfortable in your living space is the most important aspect of any home! For additional comfort, learn how to keep your apartment clutter-free after the move and enjoy an organized, tidy home! To help you feel as comfortable as possible, we’ve created a list of those special items that make any house a home.

Noise canceling alarm clock

We all know that feeling when we’re enjoying our quiet day off with a nice book when suddenly we hear terrible, loud music from our neighbors. Suddenly, we reach a depressing realization that even though we can choose where we live, we can’t really choose our neighbors. Well, one of our smart gadgets you need when moving into a new home is perfect for these situations! You should get a white noise generating alarm clock that can cancel out your noisy neighbors and ensure you aren’t disturbed in those crucial hours when you need to get some sleep.

Color matching app

You probably had to ask for assistance when moving your pool table to your new man cave, but what you don’t want to do is ask for help matching colors. Fine, we understand that a lot of people don’t care whether their colors match, especially in their man cave. However, what if one color really stands out and annoys you because it’s not the same shade? Or, what if you see a color somewhere and really like it but don’t know the shade name? Well, say goodbye to all of these issues with a simple app that uses your camera to determine the color shade and name.

Smart home

Finally, you don’t have to get a lot of separate smart gadgets you need when moving if you just transform your new home into a smart home. Moving into your new living space is an excellent opportunity to customize it to your liking. It will be much easier to do it before you unpack all your things. Think about making this investment as it can improve your lifestyle by a lot. Additionally, most of the smart gadgets you need when moving into a new home we mentioned will work better if you have a smart home device.

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