Open Car Transport Services

When most people think of auto shipping, they think of open auto transport carriers. These are considered the standard type of auto carrier for the car transport services industry.

Why Choose Open Car Transport Services?

  • Standard type of carrier means more trucks available for easier scheduling
  • More available trucks means more affordable transport
  • Many new auto manufacturers trust them for shipping vehicles from the factory to the dealership

Most likely, if you’re relocating, selling a vehicle, or sending a car to a family member a long distance away, you’ll be transporting it on an open auto carrier. It’s also a great choice if you consider your vehicle a daily driver, and it is regularly exposed to elements such as rain. Since open car transport services are the standard type of auto carriers, they are the most available. Having numerous drivers at our disposable helps our scheduling process so that we can be accommodating to your needs. These carriers are also able to fit more vehicles on one load. This helps lower the cost of the car transport service, especially compared to enclosed auto transport carriers.

Many automobile manufacturers like Ford or Kia use an open auto transport company to deliver their new vehicles. That’s because open auto carriers are safe and hold more vehicles in one load compared to an enclosed carrier. This usually gets them their new inventory quicker as well.

There are actually three different sizes of open auto carriers. The most common is the 10-car carrier. This type of carrier holds anywhere from eight to ten automobiles. They measure 75-80 feet long, 14 feet tall, and 8 ½ feet wide. To give you a visual, it’s about as long as two fire trucks. These will run longer routes, and generally pick up and deliver along their route as well.


The next is a six to seven car carrier. These generally run on regional routes but occasionally run long distances, too. They measure the same as a 10-car, but are set up differently. A 10-car has a fifth wheel that is down close to the ground while the 6-7 car carrier will usually be a regular semi-truck with a trailer equipped for that many vehicles.


For shorter routes, your car could be loaded on a 3-4 car carrier. These have a single level, unlike the other types which have 2 levels. Occasionally they will run a longer distance, but usually for a load of larger vehicles. These are still the same length as a 10-car, but not quite as tall since they are single level.

All the carriers we assign have proper cargo insurance, and, no matter their size, are careful as to where they drive their loads. They pay close attention to low hanging branches or power lines that could cause damage to vehicles on their load. They also need to be able to make wide turns like regular semis. Drivers will sometimes ask to meet at a nearby shopping center or big box store. This is so they can keep both your car and other vehicles on their load free from possible hazards that can cause damage.

Open carrier shipments are available with our Auto Tracking as well as our One Price and Rental Car Guarantees.

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