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The capital of California has been named America’s Most Diverse City by Time Magazine. Being the capital and holding this title are but two of the reasons we chose Sacramento as one of our car shipping affiliate locations. So if you need to ship a car to or from Sacramento, California, we’ve got you covered!

Sacramento has damp to wet, mild winters and hot, dry summers, which is characterized as a “Mediterranean climate.” Two months out of the year are considered to be very foggy: December and January. It’s also known as the sunniest place on Earth from July to September. Sacramento is approximately 100.1 square miles. Being located at the meeting point of the Sacramento and American Rivers, there is a deep-water port connected to the San Francisco Bay by the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. This can also dictate the summer heat due to the delta breeze. Sacramento is also the center for shipping and rail for the Sacramento Valley. It’s located near the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Besides access to the San Francisco bay, Sacramento also has its own airport – the Sacramento International Airport. Located 10 miles northwest of the downtown area, it’s used for connecting flights to Asia, Europe, and South America. There are also many major highways and interstates including interstate 80 and US 50.

There is over 5,000 acres of parkland and recreation areas within Sacramento. One of the larger parks, which spans 23 miles, is the American River Parkway. This is made up of undeveloped land and is connected to the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail. It’s the best place for avid cyclists or equestrians to enjoy their prospective hobbies. In the late summer, Sacramento hosts the California State Fair. It’s known for its magnificent midway and a permanent monorail system. Sacramento has also been home to many Olympic athletes including 6 time gold medalist Debbie Meyer, gold medalist Summer Sanders, and Jeff Float.

Sacramento boasts two major public universities and McGeorge School of law as well as numerous private institutions, vocational schools, and community colleges. One of the public universities is Sacramento State University which is made up of a 300 acre campus along the American River Parkway.

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Whether moving to the capital city of California or relocating elsewhere, you’ll know your car transport is being cared by professionals with the necessary equipment in a secure facility. They help with our door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal car shipments, whether on the pick-up or delivery end.


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