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Philadelphia is the birthplace of many US firsts such as the first hospital, business school, and the US Marine Corps. It’s also a major metro area where one of our car shipping affiliates is located. They are able to service from eastern Pennsylvania through New Jersey and Delaware, as well as up to New York City and Long Island.

Like much of the central part of the US, Philadelphia has a humid yet subtropical climate. The winters can vary in snowfall amounts, but snow is expected anywhere from November to April. Summers tend to be muggy and hot, with spring and autumn being fairly mild. The city is located near the Delaware River, which also acts as a border to New Jersey and Schuylkill River. The elevation ranges from sea level to 445 feet above at Chestnut Hill, a neighborhood in northwest Philadelphia.

There are 2 airports that serve the area. The first is Philadelphia International Airport. Located in the southern part of the city, PIA provides both domestic and international air service. Northeast Philadelphia Airport is the second, serving general and corporate aviation. The city also serves as a hub for many major rail companies, especially Pennsylvania Railroad and Reading Railroad.

There are many museums in Philadelphia, including the Rodin Museum which has the largest collection of work by Auguste Rodin outside of France. One of the largest art museums in the US and the largest in the city is the Philadelphia Museum of Art. You might recognize the long flight of stairs to the entrance from the movie “Rocky”. For music lovers, Philadelphia is home to the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts. Home to the Philadelphia Orchestra, you’ll also find the Academy of Music that has the Pennsylvania Ballet and Opera Company of Philadelphia.

Professional sports enthusiasts will also enjoy this city of brotherly love. You’ll find a team for a variety of sports: Philadelphia Phillies (MLB), Philadelphia Eagles (NFL), Philadelphia Flyers (NHL), Philadelphia 76ers (NBA), and Philadelphia Union (MLS). The metro also has the Major League Ultimate team, Philadelphia Spinners, who are one of the original eight from the American Ultimate Disc League. Philadelphia has other professional, semi-professional, and elite amateur teams in cricket, rugby league, rugby union, and other sports.

The US Marine Corps first started in Philadelphia during the Revolutionary War. When they formed the two battalions on November 10, 1775, they were called Continental Marines. Their service was considered capable of fighting for independence both at sea and on shore as a branch of infantry troops.

With over 80 trade and specialty schools, colleges, and universities, it’s no wonder Philadelphia has the East Coast’s third-largest student group. Temple University and Drexel University are the city’s major research universities and are the two largest private schools. Drexel is also one of five schools of medicine in the area. The Philadelphia School District is the eighth largest in the US, which is made up of 218 public schools and 86 charter schools.

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Whether moving to this birthplace of many US firsts or relocating elsewhere, you’ll know your car transport is being cared by professionals with the necessary equipment in a secure facility. They help with our door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal car shipments, whether on the pick up or delivery end.


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