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Local Car Shipping Affiliate – Auburn, CA

Since Auburn, CA is part of the Greater Sacramento area, we knew it would be a good place to have one of our best car transport companies.

Auburn has a climate described as Mediterranean because of its hot, dry summers, but has a cool, moist winter. Located in the Northern California foothills off the Sierra Nevada range, Auburn is only 7.2 square miles. Just to the east are mountainous canyons full of wildlife, and to the west are gentle rolling foothills which are ideal for agriculture and for our best car transport companies.

There is a rich history behind the establishment of this city. Auburn is connected to the Gold Rush during the mid 1800s. Starting with a few French gold miners, the city became a camp, and officially became named Auburn in 1849. It’s also known as a set for a few movies over the years including xXx with Vin Diesel, Protocol with Goldie Hawn, and The Phantom with Catherine Zeta-Jones.

As you explore Auburn, you’ll see statues that show a timeline of the city’s history. These were done by a local dentist, and include one of the French gold miners panning by the American River. The biggest attraction to the area is the Auburn State Recreation Area. This park has been the location for more sporting endurance events than any other place in the world, and has given Auburn the nickname of Endurance Capital of the World. Some of the events held here include the Auburn International Half-Ironman Triathlon, Sierra Nevada 50 Mile Endurance Run, and the Western States Trail Ride. Auburn is also home to one of the oldest high schools in California, Placer High School.

Auburn is located off of Interstate 80 and is main highway for the area. There is also a local airport, Auburn Municipal Airport, just north of the city. It’s used for general aviation, along with providing general aviation services.

Need an Auto Transport Company in Auburn, California?

Whether moving to this history-rich city or relocating elsewhere, you’ll know your car transport is being cared by professionals with the necessary equipment in a secure facility. They help with our door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal car shipments, whether on the pick-up or delivery end.


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Auburn, California Auto Transport Partner

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For your convenience, the Auburn facility serves the entire Auburn metro.


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