Military PCS Car Shipping Checklist

Getting ready to relocate for a PCS?

Let these tips from our checklist help keep you organized!

1 Month Before the Move

  • Meet with Transport Officer (TO)
  • Discuss the Move with your family
  • Set car shipping schedule with PAS
  • Notify institutions of your move (bank, pharmacy, church, etc)
  • Non-Military Spouses put in notice with your employer
  • Compile documents you’ll need in the move (birth certificates, immunization records, passports, etc)

3 Weeks Before the Move

  • Notify utilities/services of disconnect (water, gas, electric, trash, etc – don’t forget to schedule connection dates as well!)
  • Check the expiration on all military IDs – update as needed
  • Arrange for child care/pet boarding as needed
  • Finish things you can’t move with you, like frozen foods and cleaning supplies
  • Schedule professional movers (if you’re using them)
  • Make an inventory of large items/valuables

2 Weeks Before the Move

  • Return items you’ve borrowed or rented as well as retrieve, and settle any charges
  • Get travelers’ checks
  • Start finishing or get rid of perishable foods, consider donating any canned/non-perishable items
  • Ask for referrals for medical, dental, and other professionals

1 Week Before the Move

  • Pick up dry cleaning, medical/dental records, and any prescription refills
  • Remove wall accessories and drapery
  • Dismantle outdoor structures
  • Confirm all travel plans (child care, pet boarding, etc)
  • Cancel deliveries like newspapers
  • Set up change of address

3 Days Before the Move

  • Empty refrigerator
  • Prepare car for PAS carrier to pick up
  • Pack luggage and anything you’re taking with you (ex: prescriptions)
  • Disconnect electronics like stereo and computer
  • Prepare items need for new house set up

Moving Day

  • Strip bedding and pack
  • If using movers, be involved in the inventory process
  • Before shipping, do walk-around condition report with PAS carrier
  • Gather all documents needed for arrival (inventory lists, BOL for PAS carrier, travel log for expenses, etc)

We hope these tips will help keep you organized on your military move.