Auto Shipping Terms And Conditions


Auto Shipping Terms & Conditions


  1. Executive Auto Shippers LLC. (MC-670512), a licensed and bonded Property Broker hereafter referred to as EAS agrees to act as a representative of the Shipper to facilitate the shipment of vehicle(s) listed on this agreement. EAS will subcontract a licensed and insured Motor Carrier (Carrier) to fulfill the terms and conditions of this agreement.
  2. EAS or its Carrier’s do not guarantee a specific pickup or delivery date. (except as noted by EAS’s Rental Car Guarantee)
  3. EAS does not guarantee transport by any specific Driver/Carrier.
  4. This order is subject to all terms and conditions of the Carrier’s straight Bill-of-lading, which will be provided by the Carrier.
  5. Carrier’s responsibility begins when the shipper or shipper’s agent signs the bill-of-lading at pickup and terminates when the shipper or shipper’s agent signs the bill-of-lading at delivery. EAS must be notified, should the shipper be unavailable for pickup or delivery, and their agent must be designated at that time.
  6. It is the Shipper’s sole responsibility to name an Agent to act on Shipper’s behalf if Shipper is unavailable at either pickup or delivery. Said Agent will act as Shipper’s legal representative, with full authority and responsibility of Shipper.
  7. EAS hereby notifies shipper that their vehicle will be driven on and off the transporter, or to and from the transporter at the pickup and/or delivery site, should the carrier be unable to access either site This does not relieve the consignee from making a reasonable effort to meet the truck at a suitable location.
  8. COD Amount on this agreement shall be paid by U.S. CERTIFIED FUNDS (Cash, Money Order, Cashiers Check) prior to Carrier relinquishing legal custody of shipment to shipper or shipper’s agent.
  9. Credit card provided by shipper will be charged for the Deposit Amount listed on this agreement only after the shipment has been ASSIGNED to a Carrier and scheduled for pickup on or after the 1st Available Date of pickup listed on the Shipping Order Form. Customer may cancel for any reason prior to the shipment being assigned to a carrier with no fee or charge. Once the shipment has been ASSIGNED to a carrier for pickup on or after the 1st Available Date of pickup stated on the Shipping Order Form, the deposit amount or $200 (whichever is the lesser amount) becomes NON-REFUNDABLE, unless the carrier fails to pick up the shipment due to carrier’s negligence.
  10. In most cases packing up to 100lbs of non-valuable personal items will be allowed at no additional cost. All personal items must be in the trunk or cargo area of the vehicle(s), no personal items will be permitted in any passenger areas of the vehicle(s). Over or improper packing and/or personal items in a passenger area of the vehicle(s) may result in additional fees assessed by the Carrier and/or Carrier ’s refusal to ship vehicle(s).
  11. Personal items shipped in the vehicle are not inspected or inventoried by the Carrier. EAS or Carrier will not be held liable for loss or damage of personal items shipped in vehicle(s), nor provide insurance coverage for said personal items.
  12. Damage or fines incurred due to personal or household items in the vehicle(s), including toll charges incurred when tollway transponder is left in vehicle(s) is the sole liability of the Shipper.
  13. Any personal or household items shipped in vehicle(s) are subject to search and/or seizure by duly authorized law enforcement agencies.
  14. Shipping of restricted materials including but not limited to: weapons, alcohol, prescription and/or illegal drugs, hazardous chemicals is prohibited and may result in criminal charges.
  15. Should delivery be attempted after attempted notification (2 to 24 hours voice notification to phone numbers provided by shipper) and shipper or shipper’s agent does not have proper funds or is unavailable to receive delivery, vehicle(s) may be taken to and left at a storage terminal at the discretion of EAS or Carrier, where Shipper will have to retrieve and pay any/all storage and/or redelivery fees of vehicle(s).
  16. When shipping an inoperable vehicle, it is the shipper’s or shipper’s agent’s responsibility to get vehicle(s) to and away from the actual shipping truck. Should vehicle(s) become inoperable during transport, an additional $200.00 fee will be due at the time of delivery in addition to any other money owed. It is shipper’s responsibility to ensure vehicle(s) is in proper working order prior to shipping.
  17. EAS or its agents will not be responsible for vandalism, natural occurrences including but not limited to fire, flooding, hail, sandstorm, tornadoes, earthquakes, weather of any kind, or objects flying from the road or sky during transport. Shippers should maintain their own insurance for these reasons.
  18. Shipper is responsible for preparing vehicle(s) for transport, all loose parts, fragile or protruding accessories, low hanging spoilers, license plates, antennas, etc., must be removed and/or properly secured. Any part that falls off in transit is shipper’s responsibility, including any/all damages caused by said part.
  19. If damage should occur during transit, all moneys owed for transport must be paid to initiate a claim. Damage must be noted in the proper place on the bill-of-lading and signed by driver and shipper or shipper’s agent, regardless of weather, or time of day. Signing the bill-of-lading without any notation of damage verifies that shipper or shipper’s agent has received the said vehicle(s) in good condition and that EAS and its agents are relieved of any further responsibility. No signature at delivery will void any and all claims. Please inspect vehicle thoroughly at delivery prior to finalizing the shipping paperwork.
  20. EAS and its agents must also be notified of any damage by phone or email within 24 hours of delivery. Shipper must submit in writing a description of damage, clear pictures, and 2 estimates within 10 days or receipt of said vehicle for any resolution to be initiated. EAS will facilitate the claims process and assist in resolving said claim. EAS will only be liable for up to the amount of the deposit located on this agreement and in no case will EAS be held liable for transport damage caused by designated Carrier, as EAS at no point has possession of vehicle(s) being shipped. EAS will provide Carrier’s insurance certificate and carrier information at customer’s request.
  21. Any/all responsibility for valid transport damage claims is the sole liability of the assigned Carrier and/or Carrier’s Insurance Provider and limited to assigned Carrier’s Bill-of-Lading and Terms & Conditions contained therein, as said Carrier actually has possession of vehicle(s) for the duration of transit.
  22. Shipper agrees that for purposes of venue, this contract was entered into in Jasper County, Iowa and any dispute, claim or controversy arising from or relating to this agreement, or the performance or breach thereof, will be litigated or arbitrated in Jasper County, Iowa, regardless of the place of signing of this agreement. Shipper specifically waives any right to judicature of this matter to any other location.
  23. EAS will not be responsible for demurrage at Matson Port Facilities or any overseas and/or international Port or Customs holding location.

Rental Car Guarantee – Terms & Conditions:

  1. EAS will reimburse Shipper for the cost of a Rental Car for each day shipment exceeds the defined Normal Transit Time, ending when the vehicle is available for delivery.
  2. Normal Transit Time is defined as 7 days for shipments of 0-1250 miles, 10 days for shipments of 1251-2150 miles and 14 days for shipments over 2150 miles.
  3. Normal Transit Time is calculated in 24-hour increments and begins at the time and date vehicle(s) is picked up by Carrier.
  4. Rental Car is defined as: Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Standard class car, price set by Enterprise Rent-A-Car national website, a link to which may be found on EAS’s website.
  5. Certain special requests by customer may void Rental Car Guarantee, such as pickup or drop off at a terminal location.
  6. EAS has the right to suspend and/or cancel Rental Car Guarantee program for any reason without notice.

Rental Car Guarantee – Exclusions:

  1. Any overseas, international, or containerized shipment (including Hawaii, Alaska, & Puerto Rico) is excluded from Rental Car Guarantee program, due to possible customs and/or dock delays.
  2. It is assumed that inoperable vehicles are not used for normal driving situations and are therefore not eligible for Rental Car Guarantee program.
  3. All non-automobile shipments are excluded from Rental Car Guarantee program. Examples: ATV, Motorcycle, Snowmobile, Boat, etc.
  4. Rental Car Guarantee is not applicable to loss of use due to damage occurring during transportation.
  5. All non-primary family vehicle shipments may be excluded from Rental Car Guarantee program. Examples but not limited to: dealer to dealer shipments, classic, vintage or collectible vehicles.


Auto Shipping Terms & Conditions as of June 11, 2018.

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