Auto Shipment Tracking

Tracking Services: Keeping You Informed While We Ship Your Vehicle

We want you to be well informed at all stages when shipping your car, giving you confidence and trust in our staff’s expertise. One more way we add to your peace of mind is by providing a tracking system for your auto shipment. Our tracking system works from the time your vehicle is picked up to your keys back in hand.

Our tracking system uses a breadcrumb-type route map, updating the location of your vehicle every 6 hours. As you can see in the images on the lower left, the update lets you know which city your vehicle is currently located. You’ll also receive an email notification with each update, letting you know where your vehicle is, including a link to a page with the shipping log and map, like the images on the lower right.

sample auto tracking map | Executive Auto Shippers
sample auto tracking email | Executive Auto Shippers

How Does Auto Shipment Tracking Work?

Our system uses the carrier’s cell phone GPS for the tracking. It’s available for most types of phones, smartphone or not, that are GPS or ELD enabled. Since there’s no extra hardware required, we encourage all our carriers to participate in using our tracking system. However, not all phones and service providers work with this technology. If the carrier assigned to your shipment is not tracking capable, you will not be charged the tracking fee.

If you’re interested in using our tracking system, you can include it in your car shipping order for an additional fee. Make sure to ask your representative about the cost and any other questions you may have.  The tracking has to be agreed upon and set up before your order is scheduled with a carrier. The tracking function can not be added after the carrier has been assigned or once your vehicle is in transit.

Auto Shipment Tracking is available with both open and enclosed car shipping, as well as ATV and motorcycle shipping.

Customer Feedback About Our Tracking Services

Read what one of our customers had to say about tracking on their auto transport:

“Everything was very professional and the service was exceptional. Everything from the order, the pickup, and the delivery all the way across the United States. The communication was strong and consistent. The tracking gave me peace of mind as the journey progressed.” Evan R., Customer Lobby 5-Star Review

If the system isn’t able to track properly due to technical issues, you’ll receive a refund for the cost of using our tracking system.

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