Planning To Gift A Car To Your Parents

Gifting a car to your parents is exceptionally generous, and it is a lifetime investment. Owning a car involves various things which include maintenance, insurance and potentially a loan payment. Before deciding to give your parents this kind of gift, there are many emotional and financial decisions to put into consideration.

There are many reasons why you might decide to gift a car to your parents. You may be giving them yours after you purchase another one or it may be a gift for a special birthday or anniversary. The primary step involved in the process of gifting a car is transferring the title of ownership; however, several details can make the entire task more challenging.

If you are planning to gift a new car to your parents, you will need to look for new models that fit their needs and requirements. These include budget, color, and comfort for their age as well as insurance among others. If you live far from your parents, it may also make sense to add auto shipping into your budget. Here are the things to consider and plan for when gifting a car to your parents.

The Budget

Before giving your parents this precious gift, you will need to ensure that you are working within your budget. In most cases, it is exciting to give your parents a big gift, and it can result in an adrenaline rush for you. Before starting this journey, you will need to decide whether you are in the position to afford the car model you are planning to gift your parents without pushy salespeople around you.

You should look at your current budget and decide if you can manage the down payment, monthly payments or the full amount. Since you’re buying the car for your parents, you will be liable for the loan if you’re the loan holder. You should ensure that you can manage those payments before gifting a car to your parents.


Safety should be the number one factor on your checklist. Currently, all cars are safer than ever before; however, the new safety options available can reduce the chances of accidents. If you are purchasing a new car to gift your parents, you will need to ensure that it includes all the modern safety features such as rearview cameras that help in blind spot monitoring.

If your car has safety-provided features, then you might be eligible for discounts on an insurance policy. However, the features are different for different car models such as – traction control, defogger, head restraint, etc. Similarly, insurance policies differ for different models as per their features. For example, for a Honda, youi honda insurance policy & features are different from a Toyota. The car should also have the rear and front parking sensors to help your parents keep the small dents and dings off their bumpers. If your parents have vision problems, you should ensure that the car you are purchasing features a digital speedometer that is large enough since it makes it easier to spot and process at a glance compared to the conventional gauge.

Other safety features include adaptive cruise control, blind spot warning, forward collision warning, lane departure warning, auto-braking systems, all-wheel drive, adaptive headlamps, the navigation system, and the push entry or start.


When purchasing a car for your parents, you should ensure that the vehicle is comfortable for them. Make sure that the seats are comfortable for them. If they have back problems, you should get them a car with lumbar support to keep them safe and healthy. Ensure that they can comfortably adjust the car’s steering wheel where it feels excellent and they have the full view of the space ahead of them.

If your parents are in a hot climate, you should ensure that the car has air-conditioned seats and if they are in a cold climate, heated seats are perfect. Ensure that they can access all the controls much easier without being on top of the car’s steering wheel. In case of an accident, airbags should be available since they can help save your parents’ life.

You may purchase a new car only to find out that it is difficult for your parents to get into and out of. The car might be perfect for you, but not for your parents. Ensure that your parents feel comfortable when getting into and out of the car. While at the dealership, they should practice entering and exiting the vehicle to see how they feel. They should do it as many times as possible to ensure they are not going to feel any tinges of pain.

Giving the gift of a car is an amazingly generous gesture. Just be sure to think through the whole process before jumping in and making a purchase. 

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