Washington Monument and National Mall

by Caitlyn Champ, intern writer for Executive Auto Shippers


Home to the White House, the judicial branch, and many other active portions of the federal government, Washington DC combines classic American History with modern culture. Boasting an impressive food, nightlife, and art scene this city is perfect for young couples, families, or single persons wishing to get a change of scenery making moving to DC a smart choice for anyone.

Where to Live in Washington DC

In a place so full of national neoclassical monuments and museums it can leave anyone wondering where to live in DC For those who have a higher end budget, Foxhall Village is the perfect location, voted the best neighborhood in DC. An urban area with high diversity, low crime rate, and great nightlife, Foxhall is good for both families and singles. If you’re looking for an area with more opportunity to rent then Downtown DC is perfect for you. The demographics of downtown is primarily single people in their 20s-30s, making for a better nightlife scene and high diversity. As with any downtown area though, there is a higher occurrence of crime here than in other parts of the city. A healthy medium between Foxhall and Downtown is the wonderful Foggy Bottom neighborhood. In a great place to commute, with some of the best public schools Foggy Bottom is located next to the campus of George Washington University, and near many of the famous monuments that DC has to offer. When moving to DC, know there is with a wide range of styles of living, making for a neighborhood for everyone.

Schools in DC

Chocked-full of good schools, Washington DC Public Schools make up 111 of the 238 schools located in the city. If you want your child to attend a certain school, then you’ll need to be sure to live in that school’s district. Here is a great resource to help you see which schools are located near your home. When moving to Washington DC, it’s important you know what kind of education you want your child to receive. With many different program opportunities, DC is unique in offering education in a multitude of languages such as Spanish, Chinese, French or Italian. Just be sure to check out what exactly the schools in the neighborhood you’re moving to offer.

Things to Do in DC

The capital of the United States of America just so happens also to be the capital of free; with hundreds of museums, monuments, and historical sites to visit you could spend many weekends exploring and still not see all of the free stuff. Besides the free activities, DC also brings in lots of festivals and events, so there’s always some new way to spend the day in the city. Just be sure to check event calendars like this one, so you never miss anything.

As a major tourist town, Washington DC has an ever-changing demographic, making for an always interesting day in the city. Following this guide can help you to make a long weekend of exploring the city, and maybe you’ll even meet new friends along the way.

How to Get Around

Since DC is a major tourist destination, it can be quite crowded, especially on weekends. This can make it very difficult to get around to some of the major landmarks by car. Thankfully, DC prides itself on its transportation systems. With everything from the Metrorail to Bike trails, DC has a method of transportation for everyone. Be sure to look at the bus and metro schedules before leaving your house so you can have a plan in place before starting your day of fun around the city.

If public transportation isn’t for you, then be sure to download the DC Taxi Rider app onto your smartphone so you can choose exactly where and what type of taxi you’d like to pick you up. You are also able to reserve your parking spot before you arrive at some famous locations in DC, this will make parking considerable easier on those especially busy days.

Of course, there is always the bike share program as well to help you navigate the nation’s capital. With over 350 stations to park the bikes across DC, Virginia, and Maryland there are 3,000 bikes to ride around the area. These are available 24/7 and are free for the first 30 minutes.

Places to Eat and Drink

Despite the perception that DC only has stuffy, expensive steakhouses, and politician inspired dishes, a quick look around the city will prove there is so much more than that. When moving to DC food should be the least of your worries with hundreds of different international offerings and a wide variety of hole in the wall restaurants, this city is great for every taste bud. If you’re confused on where to start, a look at this guide to DC’s best food is a great place to find clarity.

The District offers a huge variety of different nightlife scenes, for everyone’s preference. With underground dance clubs, chic new bars, and pubs Washington DC has some of the best nightlife in the country. The best place to start on your late night escapade through the city must be on U Street, which offers a little bit of everything that DC has to show.

Last minute Tips

Before your big move to Washington DC it’s important to realize the cost of living is significantly higher than the national average. Coming in at 14th out of 343 cities surveyed for the most expensive city in the world to live in, DC comes at a big price.

As mentioned previously, DC is a big tourist town, and with a lot of tourists comes to a lot of traffic and congestion. After having a record 22 million visitors in 2016, the city shows no sign of slowing down on the welcoming front. Be sure always to make reservations for restaurants, and leave plenty early for work in this bustling district.

Despite these two negatives, DC has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country at 3.7% which was .7% below the national average. Top industries here are business, health care, and food services with an average salary of $68,000.

Moving to Washington DC is perfect for everyone, as the nation’s capital its diversity and culture is welcoming to any and all persons.


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