Tips For Anyone Moving To Miami


by Caitlyn Champ, intern writer for Executive Auto Shippers

Moving To Miami? What You’ll Want To Know

As the fourth largest urban area in the United States, Miami, Florida is a booming Southern port city known for its warm climate and outstanding nightlife. Opposite of what many people might think, Miami is one of the cleanest cities in America, having been voted by Forbes magazine to be, “America’s Cleanest City.” With a lot of Cuban influence, Miami is also one of the wealthiest cities when it comes to buying power, and one of the largest when it comes to total population at 5.5 million people. Formerly a town conquered by the Spanish conquistadors Miami is now a vibrant staple of the American South; here are some important details when considering moving to Miami.

Best Places to Live in Miami

One of the most important decisions to make when moving to Florida is deciding where you’re going to live. With hundreds of vibrant neighborhoods, surrounded by beautiful scenery and electric nightlife it can be tough to determine which neighborhood is best for you. If you’re looking for a compact area with great walkability and renting potential, then Brickell is the ideal place for you. With an overall Niche grade of A+, it was named 2018’s best neighborhood to live in, in Miami. If you have a family, and safety is more of a concern for you, then Coconut Grove is a great place to start looking. Due to the high density of people moving here though, there is a need for more housing making it difficult to find a place to live in this neighborhood. Lastly, a wonderful neighborhood with many golf courses, free public transportation, and many other community amenities is Coral Gables. Coming in as one of the larger suburbs of Miami, this neighborhood is relatively safe, with high diversity and great nightlife.


Miami, Florida is home to 1,254 different schools ranging from private to public to charter; suiting the needs of every student and family in the community. Some of the top public schools in the area include School For Advanced Studies – South/North, 1 Preparatory Academy, and John A. Ferguson Senior High School. There are also lots of private schools in Miami-Dade County, all providing an excellent educational opportunity for young girls and boys; a complete list of these private schools can be found here. If you’re wondering what school your neighborhood is assigned to, this is a great resource to utilize.

Things To Do

One might only think of the nightlife and party scene when picturing Miami, but there are actually lots of other fun (and some free) things to do after you move. The most obvious choice is going to the beach, there are many different beaches you’ll have access to, and each has its own flare. Whether you’re looking to meet new people, surf, or just hang out with some friends, there is a beach for you. If you want to be near the water, but don’t necessarily want to be on the beach, then Ocean Drive or the Hollywood Beach boardwalk are great alternatives for you. For a taste of local culture and art, a stop in at the Miami Microtheater could be just the fix you need. Of course, family fun is also easy to find in Miami, such as the Venetian Pools at Coral Gables located inside of a rock quarry. There are also Marlins games, Miami Heat games, and Dolphin’s games to enjoy if you’re more into sports. For other ideas of things to do in Miami, check out this great list full of activities for every age.

Places To Eat

From intricate sushi rolls to big dripping steaks to delicious creamy pasta, Miami has a flair for all taste buds. Being close to the coast, you can never go wrong with eating seafood in Miami, which is why Makoto sushi bar comes in at one of the best restaurants. If a simple burger and fries are what you’re craving, then a quick stop into Pinch Kitchen will give you everything you need. Utilizing local ingredients and an extensive beer selection you can’t go wrong with anything on their menu. For New York style pizza with authentic Italian touches, Lucali is the perfect stop for your family. The simplicity and freshness of their ingredients give them the edge above the competition when it comes to enticing pizza. Overall Miami is home to hundreds of options for dining, making it, so you’re never more than a quick google search away from finding the perfect food experience for your night out with friends and family.


While New York is the city that never sleeps, Miami is the city that never stops dancing. With a nightlife as bustling as their beaches, you can find a place to go out with friends any day of the week. Home to bowling bars, champagne bars, beach bars, and bar bars, there’s a different type of bar for everyone in this electric city.
Rated as the top place to go out in Miami on multiple different sites, Basement in Miami Beach is a must go destination. With bowling, dancing, skating and drinking you can never go wrong on a night out at Basement. For a different experience, look into Cycle Party with locations in Miami, Ft Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, there are plenty of options from these cycling experts to enjoy and drink. Then there is always South Beach, Miami’s infamous nightclub district. With hundreds of bars and restaurants to visit, this list was created to help guide you to the most fun nightlife scenes in South Beach Miami. Whether it’s South Beach, Downtown, or Coconut Grove you can’t go wrong when it comes to going out in Miami.

Tips For Moving To Miami

  1. You’re going to need a car. Miami doesn’t have the best public transportation and is not friendly to bikers with its narrow roads and spread out neighborhoods.
  2. Hurricanes are a very real thing, and warnings sent out about them should be taken seriously. Hurricane season runs from June to November, but stocking up year round on Hurricane supplies (bottled water, canned goods, flashlights, etc.) is a good idea year round.
  3. Cuban Coffee. It’s a staple for Miamians, and it should be consumed wearily. If you’re not used to it just remember: a little bit goes a long way. With the cities “coffee break” proclaimed at 3:05pm every day, you’ll likely encounter this bean sized rocket fuel.
  4. Coming from Spanish origins, with lots of Latin American and Caribbean flare, you will encounter a lot of Spanish in Miami. While it’s not necessary to speak Spanish before moving, don’t be surprised if you pick some up the longer you live there.
  5. Miami is America’s fourth largest city, and while the city itself isn’t that big, the population is. This makes for slow drive times, and sometimes frustratingly large crowds of people around. Always remember to allow yourself plenty of time to get to destinations and keep an eye on weather conditions before leaving the house as those have been known to make a slow drive even slower.

Miami is a beautiful beach town, known as the gateway to Central America. When deciding to move to Florida, Miami should for sure be on your list of places to end up.

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