Moving To Kansas City: What You’ll Want To Know

Downtown Kansas City at dusk

by Caitlyn Champ, intern writer for Executive Auto Shippers

Located in the heart of the United States Kansas City provides the perfect mixture of work and play with various locations throughout the city to eat, work, and hang out with friends. Founded in 1838, Kansas City has become a large-scale city with a population of 481,420 people and strong surrounding suburbs. The city—known for fountains, BBQ, and Royal’s baseball—has been able to keep a strong connection to its jazz roots while modernizing its industry and way of life. With influential people from Ernest Hemingway to Walt Disney to Harry S. Truman calling Kansas City home the history and locale are perfect for anyone relocating or moving.


Living within the city and near downtown is mainly apartment and loft-style housing, the closer to downtown you get; the more expensive the housing becomes, here you can find more information on renting in Kansas City. Of course getting a roommate can help curb the costs associated with renting. There are a few housing options within the city but it’s important to know which neighborhoods are safe and which ones are not, that information can be found here.

If moving into the heart of the city isn’t for you then there are plenty of options nearby. With large suburbs surrounding the area such as Lee’s Summit, Overland Park, and Liberty, Kansas City is great for upcoming families and young couples. Some of the best neighborhoods can be found here: Best Suburbs in KC Metro Area.

Being a growing city it’s important to consider commute time when picking a place to live. Having little in the way of public transportation (there is one free 24/7 streetcar and a public bus system) you’ll want to have a car available to get to and from your home or work so don’t forget to include auto transport to Kansas City as part of your moving costs.


Kansas City is home to over 30 public schools and 62 private schools, with some of the top schools in Missouri being within 20 minutes of city limits. The public school system is set up by location, so in order to get into a specific school district you need to live within that district’s area, an important thing to remember when moving.

Of course, the option of private school is always available but with that comes the cost of tuition and other fees associated. There are scholarship options available on most of the schools’ websites if needed.

There are also a large number of colleges and universities residing within the city, some even intertwined into downtown. These schools can provide a wonderful education, or a fun opportunity to witness a sporting/art event on a weekend.


Considered by some to be the BBQ capital of the world you can never go wrong with choosing to go beef in Kansas City, three of the local favorites being Fiorella’s Jack Stack BBQ, Arthur Bryant’s, and Q39. There is also the famous Kansas City Joe’s BBQ, featured on countless different news sources, and known for being located inside of a gas station as well as the Z-Man sandwich.

Regardless of where you go though, you can’t go wrong when eating BBQ in KC.
If BBQ isn’t your thing, or meat’s not your favorite there are hundreds of other types and styles of restaurants located in and around the city. Where there’s an appetite, there’s a place to buy it.

Things to Do

Whether you’re a fan of sports, the arts, or music, Kansas City has exactly what you’re looking for. With three professional sports teams, the Royals, Chiefs, and Sporting KC, and countless semi-professional teams, there is always a game going on to go watch or view on TV with some friends. Being able to find low priced tickets is easily and efficiently done here. Don’t forget to check out the college basketball experience when on your way through town either.

The Nelson-Atkins art museum, jazz museum, and WW1 museum all find a home in Kansas City as well, providing for a broad range of activities to do for little to no cost. As well as the amazing parks system in place which offers great places to picnic, ride bikes and walk or run with lots of different trails to choose from.

Perfect for all types of interests and hobbies Kansas City is the best place to make your next home. Located in the heart of the country it’s easily accessible for work travel and provides a wide variety of experiences to keep you entertained right at home. Once you become familiar with the people and charm of the city you’ll never want to leave.

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