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Annual List of Memorable Vehicle Shipments

We had so much fun remembering all of these awesome vehicle shipments last year that we have decided to do it again. We’re going to update this list every December with a few of our favorite or most memorable vehicle shipments of the year. So if you’re one of our customers and want your vehicle immortalized in blog form, make sure to send us a picture.

Although our name is Executive Auto Shippers, we’re not just a car transport company. As you can see here we ship almost any type of vehicle, even providing oversize vehicle shipping services.


2017 Car Shipping


Oversize Vehicle Shipping

Check out this awesome 28′ step van that has been converted into a fashion truck. We have shipped several of these but it’s still fun to hear the stories from these entrepreneurs and be a part of their startup process. Oversize vehicle shipping obviously doesn’t work with normal car carriers but we have no problems shipping them on a step deck or hot shot trailer.




Of course, a 1958 Porsche 356 stands out in our memories, especially one as beautifully kept as this one! It was our pleasure to transport this gorgeous classic car via enclosed carrier from Michigan to its new home in the Seattle WA area. If you see it speeding around the roads there give it a wave from us.



Mini Cooper being loaded onto a car hauler

OK…we know this one might not be as flashy as the last, but for us, it is still pretty memorable. Why so memorable? Well, this was actually the third time that we have shipped this MINI Cooper for this customer. Unfortunately, she has graduated from college now, so we may not see this one again. 🙁 We may be a little biased though since we are a MINI family. I mean the founders of Executive Auto Shippers actually gave their son a middle name of Cooper, after one of their MINI’s. So you can’t blame me if I added this one just to curry favor, Right?



1951 Henry J Dragster

WOW! That’s about all you can really say about this 1951 Henry J Dragster. While performing race car shipping can be difficult it almost always ends up in the most memorable category. I mean can you even imagine attempting to drive this rocket ship into the enclosed carrier?



One of our classic car transports.

This is just one of our many classic car transports from the last year, but one of our favorites because of the story that goes along with it. This happy couple decided that for their retirement they wanted to restore a 1967 Ford Country Sedan and then actually drive it to see the country. They purchased this one and we were lucky enough to get to transport their classic wagon to them. Good luck on your journeys!



Customized 2014 Polaris 1000 Side by Side

What a beautifully customized 2014 Polaris 1000. Anything with paint like this can’t help but be memorable. This cooler then cool side by side shipped from California to its new owner in Oklahoma.



Radical SR8 Race car shipping

Race car shipping is always a favorite of ours. This Radical SR8 should be hitting the tracks around Texas very soon.


2016 Car Shipping


We’ve had quite a year here at Executive Auto Shippers. With the variety of auto transport orders that we work with each day, we decided to show you some of our most unique car shipments from 2016.



Milk Truck: Exotic Car Shipping

1) 1959 International Harvester Metro Van (aka Milk Truck)

This hidden treasure went to an owner ready to restore it. This vintage workhorse will be back to its glory days as a milk truck.



lamborghini, exotic cars, car shipping

2) 2006 Lamborghini Murcielago (x2)

These beauties were inseparable! We shipped them both from Florida to California. They definitely beam in the sunshine.



classic cars, 1960 triumph, car transport

3) 1960 Triumph TR3A

A rare classic car we had the honor of shipping. This customer has owned this car since 1968!



chevy workhorse step van, vehicle conversions, mobile shopping, vehicle shipping

4) 2003 Chevy Workhorse Step Van (aka Vogue Mobile)

When you can’t get the styles of Vogue near your hometown, the Vogue Mobile will bring them to you. Just check out that beautifully converted interior!



Studebaker, car shipping, classic car

5) 1950 Studebaker Truck

This truck has been in the family for a long time. After the passing of the original owner’s son, he requested it be sent to the museum in Kellogg, IA to preserve its history. As a car transport company located only a few miles from this museum, we were thrilled to be able to help get this piece of history to its new home.



Bandit, Trans Am, Famous Cars, auto transport

6) 1979 Pontiac Trans Am (aka Bandit)

What fan of Smokey and the Bandit wouldn’t want to own that car? That’s just what this customer found – and he plans to get it back to top performance.



dune buggy, sand rail, vehicle shipment

7) 1976 VW Dune Buggy

Yes, we ship recreational vehicles, too. This customer didn’t want to leave their dune buggy behind!



T Bucket hot rod flames enclosed auto shipping

8) 1923 Ford T Bucket

This car is so rare, the customer didn’t know how to list the model! He trusted us with his baby, and we’re happy to report she made it safely in an enclosed carrier!



eBay finds, classic car, Model A, auto transportation

9) 1931 Ford Model A Vinyl

Most people use eBay for small collectibles, but our customer found this beauty there! The customer even had to send the starting instructions so the driver would know what to do!



race car, sports car, vehicle transport

10) 1965 Ford GT40 (Race Car)

Yes, this car is as impressive as it looks. This piece of American racing history (and art in our opinion) was designed to compete with Ferraris on the track. Race car shipping can be quite difficult due to the normal obstacles like low ground clearance and extremely wide tires. Add to that list gullwing doors and it makes the shipment even more memorable.



porsche race car, hard to find cars, vehicle shipment

11) 1999 Porsche 911 Carrera (Race Car)

Sometimes when you get set on what you want, you’ll wait until you find it. This customer searched until he found the Porsche of his dreams. You can see it at the Virginia International Raceway.



We’re excited all the uniqueness our auto transports hold for 2018. Happy New Year!


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