Long Distance Moving Tips: House Hunt From Afar

Long-distance house hunting being compared to a safari hunt.

House hunting is always stressful, but it can be especially stressful when it’s done remotely. Taking an organized approach, working with a professional and establishing a budget can help home buyers through the process. Whether someone is moving from one county to another or one state to another, these tips can help.

Do Your Research

Prospective buyers should narrow the home search to the community where they want to live. This part of the process will involve research. For example, home buyers who are moving because they have accepted a job in a new city will have the option of living near their office or moving to the suburbs outside the city. Doing your research can make this decision easier. When considering communities, answer these questions:
What is the cost of living in that community?
Does that community have the services and amenities a buyer needs to be happy and comfortable?
How long will the commute to work be?
What are typical dwellings like in the community?
How much are home prices in that area?
Having the answers to these questions can help buyers decide where to look for a home in the coming weeks or months.

Plan Multiple Trips

Many home buyers need to make multiple trips to the area they’re thinking about buying a home. The first trip will be exploratory, to get a sense of which neighborhoods are best. During that trip, people will probably look at some houses but may spend more time just exploring the community and looking at neighborhoods. In that first trip, buyers should take the time to meet with a real estate agent, establish a relationship and describe their needs.
In the second trip, much of the time will be spent looking at homes in the neighborhoods of the buyer’s choice. Hopefully, they will see something they would like to buy. If they don’t, they can come back for a third time, or as many times as it takes. Buyers should not try to buy a home sight-unseen, as this can lead to unpleasant surprises.

Make a Budget ~ Stick To It

Long distance moving can be very expensive. To make sure that there is enough money to move and buy the desired home, create a budget. When budgeting, take into account costs like moving expenses, auto shipping, closing costs, down payment and logistical costs (like the cost to make trips back and forth from the home where a buyer currently lives and the home they are trying to buy). Once they have made a budget, buyers should stay on target through every step of the process.

Start Packing Early

[two-fifths-first] Young couple packing to prepare for a long distance move.[/two-fifths-first]
[three-fifths]Moving to a far away location is an incredibly time consuming, almost overwhelming task. To ease the burden and make the task more manageable, start packing early. Purge unnecessary clutter and pack up everything else. Packing well in advance of the move helps ensure that the home buying process will be easier and also ensures that the move will be less stressful as well.[/three-fifths]


Work With a Reputable Real Estate Agent

Work with a reputable real estate agent throughout the home buying process. A real estate agent can serve as a home buyer’s ambassador during the home buying process. He or she can go to any home inspection and ensure that everything proceeds as it should.

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