Key considerations when moving to Santa Barbara

Have you heard much about Santa Barbara and living there? In fact, there are many people moving to Santa Barbara in search of a better life. Santa Barbara is a city in California called “American Riviera”. Located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean and at the foot of Santa Ynez Mountains, it has a soft and warm Mediterranean climate and multiple opportunities for outdoor activities, so you will never feel sad here.

Santa Barbara is a rather big city with an area of 41.99 square miles and population of over 90 thousand people. The percentage of young people aged between 18 and 24 is rather high – over 32% and the median age in the city is 35. A median household income in the city has grown for the last ten years by 30%.

The analysis of the labor market in Santa Barbara shows that the largest number of local population is employed in education, authorities, and healthcare. However, there are several other private employers working in such industries as aerospace, defense, electronics.

Benefits of moving to Santa Barbara

There are no doubts that living in Santa Barbara has a number of unsurpassed benefits. Being a city with a rather young population, great weather and geography, excellent employment opportunities, Santa Barbara can boast several more reasons why people stand in the line to move here. What are they?

Educational opportunities

Secondary education in the city is provided by the Santa Barbara Unified School District. There are 12 elementary schools, 4 junior high schools, and 5 high schools many of which teach Spanish language and culture. But the most important investment made by the city government is educational programs for young professionals. Students dream to study in such educational institutions as the University of California and Santa Barbara City College. The graduates of the university have become Nobel Prize holders, members of the Academy of Sciences and Arts, Field Medalists etc.

Embracing a slower pace of life

Despite the fact that this city is rather big and densely populated, you do not feel here like in the metropolis. Thanks to multiple farmer markets, friendly people, nice atmosphere, distinct division into neighborhoods, you feel as if you live in the small town.

Weather and scenery

Santa Barbara has a warm and soft climate all the year round. There is low precipitation and no strong wind, as it is surrounded by mountains. The geography of the city is rather diverse too: beautiful sandy beaches, green parks, and the slopes and peaks of the mountains make it appealing even to the very demanding people.

Winery and restaurants

You will not be surprised to hear that people grow grapes on the mountain slopes and make tasty wine of it. The wines in Santa Barbara are among the best in the state. At the same time, it can be difficult to believe that it is a city with the largest number of restaurants per capita, so bread and circuses are guaranteed to everyone here.

Healthy lifestyle

Citizens of Santa Barbara have a strong health not only due to a highly-developed medicine in the city. In fact, most of them have transformed running, cycling, and hiking into a habit, and it helps them to lead a healthy lifestyle and feel well.

Disadvantages of moving to Santa Barbara

 It is natural that every city is not perfect and living there has some disadvantages. Santa Barbara is not an exception. Despite the fact that there are not many of them, some drawbacks are really significant.

Home prices and cost of living

It is expensive to live in California, but it is much more costly to live in Santa Barbara. It is two and a half higher than the average cost of living in the US mainly because of the prices for homes. The median home price here is 6 times higher than in the country and it costs more than $1.1 million. In fact, healthcare and utilities here are even cheaper than all around the country.

Dirty beaches and no surfing

It is a widely-discussed question that the coast of Santa Barbara features oil problems. There is the 2nd largest tar seep on the planet in the channel, so don’t be surprised to have black spots on your feet when you go out of the water. Despite the presence of quite big waves, surfing sucks here because of multiple beachbreaks, pointbreaks, and reefs.

Too many guests on vacations

Who has not heard of Santa Barbara city and who didn’t want to visit it once? Such a thought strikes minds of many people who choose this city as their destination on vacation. As a result, there are always many foreigners, people from other states, and cities, so get used to being asked about the route to the local sights or a way of living in the city as well.

Things to do in Santa Barbara

There are many different activities that will keep you entertained on a daily basis. Here are the most common ones:

Cycling and hiking

The city has a popular Cabrillo Bike Path as well as many other cycling routes to explore. Mountains are a perfect destination for hiking and rest in the countryside.

Visiting local sights

Santa Barbara is a home to many interesting landmarks such as Zoo, Maritime Museum, Museum of Natural History, Old Mission, Museum of Art, Botanic Garden and many others.

Taking part in the festivals

The city welcomes many different festivals like the International Film Festivals, Restaurant Week, International Orchid Show, Earth Day Festival, Summer Solstice Celebration. So if you are looking for endless entertainment opportunities then moving to Santa Barbara is probably right for you.

Entertainment in the harbor

Santa Barbara Harbour is an association with numerous activities like sailing, kayaking, fishing. Local restaurants, cafes, and pubs will also treat with anything delicious and offer all night long dancing.

Tips for moving to Santa Barbara

 If you have considered all the following points and made a final decision to move to Santa Barbara, here are some useful tips on how to make relocation smooth and hassle-free.

Treat moving as a new stage of your life rather than some challenge!

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