How To Buy A Car Out Of State


by Caitlyn Champ, intern writer for Executive Auto Shippers


Buying a car out of state can be easy

Since technology has taken over in every aspect of life, it’s no surprise that going online, buying a car and having it delivered has become the new craze. This naturally leads many people to the question: How to buy a car out of state. With less hassle, more options, and often a reduced sticker price buying a car online could be the best way to buy a new car. Here are some insights and answers to how to buy a car out of state, online.

How to buy a car out of state: Step One

The most important part when considering buying a car online is, of course, staying safe during your search. This resource has excellent information to keep you safe when looking for the best car buying service. Tips such as staying aware of fraudulent ads, never give advanced payments before seeing and driving the car, and don’t follow “phishing emails” promising “NEW USED CAR WITH LOW MILEAGE FOR ONLY $99!”, as these are always going to get you into trouble. No matter what, when going to look at the car only agree to meet the seller in a public place such as a business. If going to the property of a private seller then take a friend or be sure to tell someone what the address is and why you’re going there. Buying a car online should be a fun and safe process as long as you keep your wits about you.

How to buy a car out of state: Step Two

The next step is knowing what kind of car you want. There are hundreds of options out there for different types of cars so it can be overwhelming to think about; luckily there are resources like this one that can help you to narrow down your search. You simply search for a vehicle and enter the information you want to get a list of discounted prices from local dealers. You can then lock in your savings by selecting your preferred dealers and receiving your “Guaranteed Savings Certificate.” Make sure to print off and take this certificate with you to the dealer to finalize your purchase and lease your new car. These easy steps can help to ensure you save money, and shop around for the best deals on the make and model you want.

Of course, it’s crucial to know how much the car you want is actually worth. This information will save you from getting ripped off by unfair pricing. Websites such as Kelley Blue Book and the National Automobile Dealers Association can show you what car manufacturers price cars at. There are also car buying Apps like True Car that will show you what that car has actually been selling for, so you can ensure you’re getting a good deal. The way it works is you pick the type of car you want: SUV, Crossover, Sedan, Truck, Hatchback, etc. Then enter in your zip code, select the make (Ford, Acura, Buick etc.), choose the model, year, style, and any additional colors, packages or add-ons you want. The website will then give you a fair purchase price, or give you options and pricing for similar cars. This can be done as many times as you’d like, making it easier to shop for different styles and types of cars before deciding on what’s best for you and your price range.

What’s the best car buying service to use?

There are many different car buying Apps and websites out there boasting to be the best place to buy a car online, but where really is the best place? These articles have listed some of the best car buying services, with many overlapping sites like Autotempest, Carvana, and Vroom. All of these sites are a little different in how they operate but have the same basic principles for how they work. CarMax is also one of the best car buying apps on the market. Offering good deals and excellent customer service it truly makes the online car buying service painless and straightforward.

There is always the option of using dealership websites to help you in your search for buying a car online. Many dealerships such as Tesla, Lexus, and Hyundai have simplified the process of buying a car by offering many different resources on their websites. This option can help to mold the two styles of car buying together, making it easier on you as the buyer, and them as the dealer.

Buy a car online and have it delivered right to you


Congratulations, you just bought your new car online for the first time! Just one problem, it’s in Virginia, and you’re in California… so what now? Luckily there are resources such as Executive Auto Shippers who will deliver your car right to your hometown. Buying a car online and having it delivered eases the hassle of having to go and pick the car up yourself, making a busy schedule a little lighter. An easy, efficient, and affordable option, auto shipping is the best way to have your new car delivered quickly and safely right to you.


Following these simple steps can have you on the road in your new car in no time.

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