How Executive Auto Shippers Helps Snowbirds Escape the Cold

Snow and cold weather is pleasant for very short periods of time; like around the holiday season when the lights are glistening and snow-covered buildings look like something from a postcard. However, once those warm and fuzzy feelings fade away, Executive Auto Shippers is here to help get you to another sort of place that could be taken straight from a postcard – someplace warm and sunny.

Auto Transport: Having a Vehicle at Your Snowbird Location

It would make sense to have your vehicle with you at your snowbird location so you can travel around the area and experience all the sights and attractions available. Part of the fun of escaping to a warm location is also being able to truly live in the area. Unfortunately public transportation can be tricky to use and may take a while to get the hang of. There is also the option of renting a vehicle, but the costs and insurance to do so have been increasing steadily over the years. That brings us to the idea of having your own vehicle with you; but rather than taking the extra time, money and effort to drive it to the winter location yourself, choosing a reputable auto shipping company is also a great choice.

Auto Shipping is a Cost-Effective Option

It is important to take into account the entire cost of driving your vehicle to your snowbird destination. While many people just look at the fuel costs and compare it to the full rate of what an auto transport service will charge, very significant costs to driving your own car to your location are being overlooked. If you are heading south to Arizona or Texas from northern states like Maine or Michigan, booking a hotel for at least one night will be required. Also important to note would be the fact that you will be eating at a restaurant for every meal once you leave home until you reach your final destination. The fact that you will be driving halfway or more across the country will also rack up the miles on your vehicle, not to mention the wear and tear that goes along with that kind of distance and the increased possibility of being involved in an accident. After taking all of these factors into consideration it should come as no surprise that employing a vehicle transport company may not be such a bad idea.

Research Your Automobile Shipping Options

There are many vehicle shipping options available around the United States, so it’s important to connect with one that truly delivers on their promise to provide quality, reliable service. Executive Auto Shippers has a proven track record of using their extensive experience to provide the best service possible to all of their customers. We answer all questions honestly and are transparent with our costs and timetables.

Contact Executive Auto Shippers for all of your auto transport needs – shipping your prized antique car, transporting your daily driver to or from your snowbird destination, or even overseas transport – we are here for you.

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