Helpful Tips to Make Moving College Student into New Apartment Easier

Moving to a new apartment and starting a new chapter in your life is both exciting and intimidating. While there are so many wonderful experiences ahead of you, it is also the time for making some important decisions.

You may have found the perfect apartment, and you are happy with your choice of roommates, but that is just a beginning. Before you drift off in your new life, you’ll have to deal with the moving process. With these helpful tips, you’ll be able to make the moving process much easier.

Prepare an overnight bag

The chances that you’ll finish unpacking the same day when you walk into your new apartment are very slim. That is why you should pack an overnight bag with your daily essentials.

In this way, you won’t have to go through boxes and luggage trying to find what you need for the night.

You may also want to take a quick shower after you get done with all the heavy lifting, so why not have all that you need already prepared in one bag?

Pack some fresh clothes, towels, and toiletries, and you’ll be all set.


While some find it difficult to say goodbye to some of their things, moving to a new apartment should encourage you to get rid of any clutter.

Make a careful selection of stuff that you really need and those which will just take up space. There is no room for excessive possession in your new place of living.

As you will realize with time, clutter-free space will also help you to concentrate. You will be able to focus on important things such as learning rather than getting distracted by “shiny” objects.

When comes the time for making decisions, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this useful?
  • Is it really necessary?
  • How often do I use it?
  • Will I have space for it?
  • Is it outdated?

Based on your answers, you’ll realize what should go and what should stay.

Book your movers

Think ahead and book your movers as soon as possible. Sometimes booking in advance can get you discounts or lower rates.

When you don’t feel the pressure to hire someone as soon as possible, you’ll be able to review different moving companies and make your pick thoughtfully.

In addition, if you book the movers early, you’ll have time to focus on what’s most important – your finals.

Try to deal with every aspect of moving as soon as you can so you that you can take some of the pressure off as the moving day approaches.

Pack with hangers

Here is a helpful tip for packing your clothes. Instead of taking the clothes off the hangers, folding them, packing them, unpacking them, and putting them up again, there is a way to make this process less tiring.

Simply bag your clothes with hangers. How to do that?

Well, first you’ll need to zip-tie the hangers, so they don’t start running. Then, just put the clothes with the hangers in a bag or a plastic wrap.

Once you get into your apartment, just put the hangers in the closet, pull down the bag, and that’s it. Your clothes are back in place.

Clean ahead

The last thing you’ll want to do once you have dealt with all the moving is to clean.

Go into your new apartment a day before the big move and clean the apartment. Take care of the kitchen and the bathroom, especially because they’ll probably need some extra work.

You’ll need to get down to details meaning that you’ll have to go through all the cabinets and appliances if they come with an apartment. It is better to get that out of your way before all the boxes occupy your place.

When the moving day comes, you’ll be able to instantly put things in their place since everything will be clean and ready.

Make a list

Making a list of boxes during the packing process can really help you out. As soon as you get a box ready, write it down on your list.

“When I was in the moving hustle back in college, lists really saved me. It helps you to keep organized and unpack like a pro,” says Mary Ann Make Williams, an editor at

Create a list of boxes based on where each box is supposed to go. This will enable you to make sure that nothing gets left behind. You can even use a packing app with a list feature to ensure that you don’t lose it.


It may seem like color-coding is a natural part of the moving process, but rarely who actually goes through with it.

However, you should really try this system because you’ll be amazed at how it can actually speed up the process.

Grouping boxes by color will make the organization much faster.

The best part about color-coding is that it will only take a glance and you’ll already know which box goes where.

Use free boxes

Don’t pay for anything that isn’t necessary. In case you don’t have enough moving boxes, don’t waste money on buying them. Get them for free.

Some of the options are checking with grocery stores or clothing stores. They would throw them away anyway so why wouldn’t you make use out of it?

Another good place for finding free boxes is the Craigslist free section. You can pick the sizes that you need and get your boxes without spending a dime!

Some final thoughts

Moving into a new apartment seems like such a tedious task that keeps you away from starting a new life in your cool new apartment. However, with these tips in your hand, you’ll be able to cope with the moving process like a real professional.


About the author:

Adriana Veasey has an MA in Psychological Science. However, besides psychology, Adriana’s passion has always been writing. This encouraged her to take several writing courses and perfect this skill. Now, she works as a writer and editor for

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