Tips for easing the big move

Whether by choice or not, cross-country relocation is a complex endeavor that poses a particular set of challenges. No one is safe from its wrath, especially single movers and families. Organization and pre-planning isn’t just necessary, it’s vital. Even then, interruptions and surprises are bound to happen. Which is why it’s important to research and employ as many long distance moving tips as possible. This blog post intends to detail both well-known and little known pointers, with the hopes of making you and your family’s pilgrimage a little less daunting.

Ditching your furniture

This word of advice is especially valuable if you’re leaving an established home. The major pieces of furniture you’ve collected over the years will be hard to move. Unfortunately, the transport difficulty does not decrease as your admiration for a specific item increases, so if that armoire or recliner really is special, you’ll have to figure out a way to send it safely. Take it from us, don’t bring the big items. Either selling or giving away (for a tax write off, of course) your furniture allows you start fresh in your new home and lug less through the countryside.

Ziplocs, boxes, and valuables

When figuring out how to pack your clothes, blankets, and valuables, there is a unique strategy to employ. It starts with eliminating cardboard boxes. Try your hardest to avoid them, they’re awkward and a waste of space. Instead, fit your clothes and most of your blankets (you’ll see why in a second) into Ziploc vacuum storage bags, the ones you can shrink. They are much easier to organize and take up less space. Then, put your valuables, into normal Ziploc bags and fold them into the remaining blankets. This method doesn’t just save space, it cleverly compartmentalizes your priceless goods into hard to find places.

Booking hotel stops in advance

An absolutely essential step if you have a family. It’s an important move for a variety of reasons. Primarily, it promotes restraint when driving. Many individuals tend to “push it” when on a road trip. Just because someone thinks they can go a couple more hours without falling sleep, doesn’t mean they can. A gamble like that can have disastrous results. Chart your trip, book your accommodations in advance, and stick to your schedule. Drivers will get the rest they need. Children won’t be cooped up all day long. You’ll avoid the risk of having to sleep in your car. Enjoy the money you’ll save booking ahead of time!

Linking breaks with gas fill-ups

Don’t wait till you’re on E to fill up on fuel. Try and visit the gas station as you hit a quarter tank. It’s fairly easy to underestimate the distance between stops. If long enough, you might be on the side of the road with an empty tank and a new set of problems. This tactic also compels you to stretch your legs more frequently, avoiding soreness, blood clots, and cramps. It may not be the fastest way to get where you need to go, but like many things in life, rushing is not in your best interest.

Snacks and nourishment

Devoting time to your food situation goes a long way to satisfy you and your passengers. Stop at the market every other day and stock up on your favorite foods. This way, you won’t be forced to eat subpar gas snacks or fast food all the time. Pick up 12 packs of your favorite energy or coffee drinks, whatever keeps you sharp. It is exceedingly cheaper than buying individually from convenience stores. There is nothing like a well-stocked cooler on a road trip, especially one that is jam packed with goodies and drinks that’ll keep you smiling.

Use a vehicle transport company

It doesn’t matter where you’re headed, you’re going to need your automobiles when you get there. Depending on the type of car you have, it may not be suitable for a cross country trek. Shipping your vehicle or vehicles is immensely calculated and wise. It makes the task of moving much less daunting. A quality company ensures the efficient and safe transportation, providing peace of mind by the mile. This type of transportation service is especially appreciated by owners of high end, luxury or rare vehicles.

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