Choosing The Best Auto Shipper

Why would I choose a broker instead of a carrier?

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Auto Shipping Carrier, or Auto Shipping Broker?

Although it might seem logical to work directly with the carrier and avoid the middleman, it is not quite that simple. There are actually pros and cons to think about before booking your auto shipment with either a carrier or broker.

Auto Shipping Broker Pros

Flexible Auto Shipping Schedules

This is probably the biggest advantage of booking your auto shipment with a broker rather than directly with a carrier. While a carrier has direct access to the resources of their fleet of car carriers, that is the limit of their resources. An auto shipping broker, on the other hand, has the ability to schedule your auto shipment with hundreds or even thousands of different carriers. This will typically allow for a more convenient scheduling process when it comes to meeting the customer’s needs.

Auto Shipping Brokers Are How You Find The Best Carriers

Great auto shipping brokers choose to work with great carriers and vice versa. With this ongoing relationship, comes some benefits. The carriers work with brokers every day all year long, so they know the importance of this relationship. This allows auto shipping brokers like Executive Auto Shippers to hold our carriers to extremely high standards of service. 

Auto Shipping Broker Cons

There Is A Middleman

This can be a con for sure, but it actually depends on how you look at it. Let’s be honest, adding a middleman usually adds to the cost and there is no doubt that this is a con. However, a great auto shipping broker actually does more than just add cost to the equation. They do some of your work for you, and as they say “Time is Money”. So if you are willing to pay a little to save a little then this con is not for you. Not sure how an auto shipping broker might save you time? Keep reading. 

Auto Shipping Broker Scams

We don’t have to read all of the horror stories out there on the internet to know they exist. Many of our auto shipping experts have been in this industry for decades and have actually been carriers, brokers and in some cases even the drivers. So we are well acquainted with many of the scams that are normally associated with an auto shipping broker. We can honestly say that these scams are not only attributable to brokers but just as common with carriers. So what that really means is that you need to research either type of company to ensure you will not be taken advantage of. Just asking for a carrier will not guarantee a great experience.

Auto Shipping Carrier Pros

More Certainty With Scheduling?

This pro is listed as a question, simply because it can be somewhat of a double-edged sword. Since the carrier owns the truck and employs the driver, they will definitely have first-hand knowledge of scheduling. This could be a real advantage when you are planning your auto shipment. As long as the carrier’s schedule aligns with yours (remember they will be limited to their own equipment resources). So if there is an issue you might have to align your schedule to theirs, rather then being able to switch to a different carrier.

Cheap Auto Shipping

As mentioned above finding the appropriate carrier on your own could save you some cash. Not sure that we need to say anything more about this topic, we all like to save money.

Auto Shipping Carrier Cons

Can You Find The Best Carrier?

The majority of auto shipping carriers are very small companies and in some cases, it is just one driver and the truck he owns. Over the years we have found that this one man company or owner operator as it is known in the industry is usually the best solution. Owner-operators will often times be more reliable and provide a higher level of service than a company driver. The question then would be how do you find that one man operation that will be in your area, at the right time, and headed to your destination? These companies have no marketing department. They travel across the country and may vary routes depending on available freight and rates. So it is not as simple as calling the local company either.

There Is No Middleman

Wait…What? How can this possibly be con? Well, in this case, the middleman might actually save you time and money. First of all during the carrier selection process. A great auto shipping broker, like Executive Auto Shippers, has far better research tools at their disposal. Our pre-approved carriers must pass a rigorous screening process that most consumers would not have the ability to perform, as these resources are not available to the public. Since an auto shipping carrier might not be on your specific route, how do you find the right one? Again, a broker has the ability to streamline the scheduling process so that you are not calling or searching online for hours to find the right carrier on the right route. Then there is the dreaded question of, “what if something goes wrong?” Believe it or not, this is where a middleman is really valuable. Some brokers have a certain amount of leverage over carriers through buying power. This allows an auto shipping broker to maintain a higher level of service and influence the entire shipping process.


As a broker, Executive Auto Shippers acts as your auto shipping concierge, similar to a travel agent assisting with your booking. There are a lot of moving parts that go into planning a move and our job is to simplify the process of shipping your car. We are obviously biased, but believe that ensuring you have a stress-free shipping experience is more complicated than just Carrier vs Broker. It really comes down to finding the best Auto Shipping Company.

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