Choosing the Best Shipping Company

Why would I choose a broker instead of a carrier?

Although it might seem better to work directly with the carrier, you won’t receive dedicated service. As a broker Professional Auto Shippers acts as your auto shipping concierge, similar to a travel agent helping you book your vacation. There are a lot of moving parts that go into planning a move and our job is to simplify the process of shipping your car.

  • Professional Auto Shippers screens every carrier, every time using tools and resources that are specific to the industry and not available to the public.
  • Since most carriers depend on brokers to fill their load, brokers have leverage over carriers through buying power to maintain level of service, pricing, and over the claim process.
  • We have access to multiple carriers’ schedules to find one to meet your scheduling needs, instead of you searching for the one specific carrier that will have a truck on your route, when you need them.
  • Most drivers don’t book their loads until a few days in advance because they don’t know their schedule further out than that.
  • Finally, most carriers are owner operators, or a one-man operation with one truck. This also means they don’t have any marketing to reach potential customers or physical office to handle customer orders.