Preparing To Ship A Car

When will the driver contact me about picking up my car?

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The Most Advance Notice

Typically drivers are not able to set an anticipated schedule and book orders more than a few days in advance. Even if the auto transport carrier is able to book the order with Executive Auto Shippers earlier, it’s not likely that the auto transport driver would know his anticipated schedule yet. So the farthest in advance you would probably hear from the actual auto transport driver is about 2-3 days. Receiving 2-3 days notice from the auto transport driver before your vehicle picks up is the best case scenario.

Common Advance Notice

The most common scenario is that the auto transport driver will contact you either the evening before or the morning of the day that your vehicle is picking up. It is very difficult for an auto transport driver to set a realistic time schedule any earlier than this. Most auto carriers will start to plan tomorrow based on how today went since they typically will unload and then reload in an order based on where your car is loaded on the carrier. This scenario also assumes that your order was placed in advance of your first date of availability.

Possible Advance Notice

It is actually possible that the auto transport driver is available and ready to load your vehicle onto the carrier with only an hour or two of advance notice.

  • When placing an auto shipping order that is available immediately, it is a possibility that one of our pre-approved auto shipping carriers is already in the area loading that day. If this is the case it may not be possible for that carrier to provide more than an hour or so prior notice. Depending on the schedules that the driver has already committed to, that particular carrier may only be in the area for a small length of time.
  • Short notice is a possibility even if you have placed your order with Executive Auto Shippers in advance of your first date of availability. There are times that drivers are available with little prior notice. There are times that a driver will need to fill an open spot on the truck due to a customer canceling or a change in routing.

How You Should Plan

Be ready on your first date of availability. Do not take off work, stop your life, or just sit at home and wait, if you have not heard from the driver. We know how busy everyone’s lives are and we would never expect that of anyone. Simply make your preparations that need taken care of before your vehicle is picked up by the auto transport carrier. If you need to have any type of service performed on the vehicle before shipping, please be sure to have it completed prior to the first date of availability. Prepare yourself, just in case there is a driver in the area. Have your phone turned on and available to you just in case there is a driver in the area with little notice.

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