Preparing to Ship

When will the driver contact me about picking up my car?

We ask the carriers to contact their customers either the evening before or the morning of the day they are able to pick up your vehicle. We recommend you don’t contact the driver any earlier because most drivers won’t know their schedule until at lPASt the evening before. This is due to the fact that their schedule will all depend on how their current day’s pick up and delivery schedule falls into place.

Most open car carriers can hold 8 to 10 automobiles in a full load. When coordinating their schedule, they have to work with each of these 8 to 10 customers’ schedules. Factors such as weather conditions, timeliness of customers, traffic issues, and other unforeseen circumstances will affect their schedule. It can take up to 2 days for the loading process within a single metro area. This is why it’s difficult for a driver to pinpoint a specific schedule for your pick up or delivery, and why we have 3-5 day pick up windows.