Cost of Shipping Your Car

What if my vehicle is inoperable?

We can still ship your vehicle if it’s inoperable, even wrecked. Our definition of inoperable can be different than an auction house or other business you’re buying the automobile from. We consider it inoperable if it doesn’t do all of these things:

  • Roll- does it move at all or is it locked up?
  • Drive/Brake- would you be willing to drive it 30 miles or more?
  • Steer- is it able to be navigated more than straight?

There is an additional $200 fee for those that are inoperable. This is to cover the extra service done by the driver. Make sure to explain what makes the car inoperable so the carrier can properly prepare. There are times they will need the assistance of a tow truck if the vehicle is not accessible by a large carrier.

If you are purchasing an inoperable automobile from an auto auction, there may be additional information and paperwork you’ll need to provide us for the carrier. For instance, if you use a Manheim auto auction, they require the carrier to have the buyer’s name and the full VIN number. Copart auctions require the buyer number and lot number of your purchase. Make sure you are aware of what will be required of the carrier to pick yours up when scheduling a shipment.

If it is wrecked, we do require pictures to show all 4 corners of the vehicle and the wheels. You will also need to find assistance to load and unload the wrecked vehicle because a carrier will not have the means to do this.

Carriers will not travel down gravel or dirt roads to pick up or deliver vehicles. You will need to meet the carrier in a large parking lot. If it has been sitting in the elements for a long period of time, it is your responsibility to get it out, have it cleaned off including underneath, and make sure the tires are able to hold air and are aired up before the driver arrives.
All inoperable vehicles need to be completely ready to transport before the carrier can be assigned.