Insurance During Transport

What if There is Damage to My Vehicle?

Although there is no way to guarantee 100% damage free shipments, condition issues only happen approximately 1% of the time. If this does happen, we are happy to help you find a resolution. You’ll first need to make sure you do a thorough inspection at delivery and note the damage on the paperwork the driver gives you to relPASe your vehicle.

Using our services is similar to using a travel agent or travel website. If you had an issue, you would talk with the airline or hotel to get it resolved. Professional Auto Shippers is a broker so we do not take possession of the vehicle being transported, only facilitate the shipment. The carrier is the company that actually transports the automobile and thus they are the responsible party. One of the differences of using our services over other brokers or carriers directly is we will help facilitate the damage resolution process.With our position in the shipping marketplace, we can often get claims resolved faster or better than if you were to try and handle it directly with the carrier. Carriers know that we help provide many of their shipments and want to keep a good working relationship with us. We also help influence other car shipping brokers through an industry rating system, and when they aren’t willing to cooperate with us on damage issues, we rate them according.

Our Resolution Specialist will assist you with the process of filing and resolving this claim. This person does not make the determinations or issue settlements, but rather acts as a facilitator to assist you with this process. This is just one more step that Professional Auto Shippers takes to go above and beyond our competition.