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What can I do if I can’t be available for pick-up or delivery?

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If you can’t be available for either the pick-up or delivery of your vehicle shipment, we always recommend asking someone you trust to help out and be present for the pre-trip or post-trip inspection. We know that it can be an inconvenience to ask your friends, relatives or neighbors to assist with this process. However, the condition report that is done when your vehicle is picked up and again when it is delivered is crucial to a successful vehicle shipment. This exterior inspection is how you can be sure that your vehicle arrives in the same condition it was picked up. If you are worried about the inconvenience to your friends, this will give you an idea of how long that process takes.

Need to think out of the box to find some help?

  • Moving? Many realtors offer this as part of their service.
  • Work schedule crazy? Have us pick-up or deliver to or close to your place of work.
  • Need it picked up from your home? Ask a trusted neighbor or friend to see if they can help.
  • Did you purchase your vehicle, or do you have it regularly serviced at a local dealer? Many times the local dealer can assist, assuming you have built a relationship with them.

If none of these options work for your circumstances, we can still probably help. Executive Auto Shippers has developed a network of local affiliates that includes most major metros. This resource gives us the ability to offer assistance when the pick up or delivery schedule is tight. You may be able to simply go to the local affiliates location at your convenience to pick up or drop off your vehicle. If this is still not going to work with your schedule we may also be able to arrange for the local affiliate to perform the pick up or delivery of your vehicle. Unfortunately, these additional services to add cost to your shipment. These local affiliates are independent businesses and do charge for their services.  

You can check our Local Car Shipping Affiliates page to see our affiliates located near you. And do not worry if there is not an affiliate located in your area. Our network is always growing, so please ask if we have a new location close to you.

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