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Should I Tip The Driver?

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Do I need to tip my car transport driver?

A popular question among customers who are transporting their vehicles is whether or not to tip the driver when their vehicle is delivered. This question can only be answered, in truth, by the customer themselves. Without a doubt, all drivers appreciate receiving a tip. Not only is it a little extra cash for them, it is also a bit of acknowledgment for the hard work they have just done. However, it is not required or expected as an entitlement. So the decision to tip or not tip the car transport driver is really up to the customer and in our humble opinion should be based on the level of service received.

If I tip, how much is enough?

While we don’t think we should tell you to tip or not tip your car transport driver. We can help you decide upon an appropriate amount to tip the car transport driver if you choose to do so. We have spoken with several drivers to discuss their daily life and got their opinions on what they would consider an appropriate tip (I have also been a car transport driver). Here are some options so as the customer, you can feel good about your decision to tip and what that tip should be.

A cash tip

Typically cash tips range from around $10 to $50, but again you must decide what would be appropriate for your car transport. If you choose to tip the driver with money, they do appreciate this in cash and not part of the car transport COD payment. Some of the drivers work for a larger company and if the tip is included in a certified funds payment it will likely go to the company rather then your specific car transport driver.

fruit basket

Other types of tips for car transport drivers.

Other types of tips

Believe it or not, I always looked forward to the non-cash tips that I received. Drivers spend over 70 hours a week on the road with only stops for fuel and food. About the only options available to over the road drivers are truck stops or travel plazas. While these facilities provide some great amenities like showers and a lounge area to relax in, healthy food options can be difficult to find. So the home-made brownies, fruits, and cold drinks were always something I appreciated. We have found some other drivers who thought the same way.

One driver said his most memorable tip was bananas.

“ It’s something I will never forget and I really enjoyed that banana!”

While another driver says she enjoyed receiving a chocolate basket from a longtime repeat customer,

“ It was so much chocolate I could not eat it but shared with everyone in the office when I got back, but they are customers I will never forget”.

As one of our customers wrote in a review left on Angie’s List,

“ drivers don’t have access to the drive-thru so we fed our driver”

A driver getting a home cooked meal is probably just as good as hitting the lottery when they only have access to home-cooked meals a few days out of every month. A good tip for a driver may be something so simple as to hand them a bag of fresh fruit or homemade goodies that will make them smile.

When it comes to tipping the driver there is no set standard to go by but the courtesy is appreciated and welcomed. So if you live in a state that is famous for oranges or grapefruit, surprise your driver with a nice basket of that wonderful fresh fruit. If you are at the grocery store and delivery is scheduled for the next day, pick up a little something extra for your driver that will make him smile and feel acknowledged. A monetary tip is welcomed as well along with a simple thank you for a job well done. Encouragement and the sense of accomplishment also make the driver feel he or she has done something satisfying and it is recognized.

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