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Can you ship a car from a dealer auction?

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Shipping a car from a dealer auction is no problem for Executive Auto Shippers. Whether you are a small dealer needing to ship a car to your facility or a large dealer adding full-loads to your inventory, we have you covered.

What we will need to ship your auction car

  • Dealer name that the vehicle was purchased under
  • Full VIN
  • Dealer’s Buyer number
  • Has the gate pass been produced?
  • If yes, then is the gate pass out and under what name?
  • Run number & lot number (if at all possible)

This information is imperative to ensure that our carrier is able to pick up in a timely manner. Auctions like Manheim Auto Auction and Adesa Auto Auction will require this information prior to releasing a vehicle from their facility.

This information does not apply to shipping a car from a salvage auction like Copart or IAA.

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