Car Shipping Paperwork

What paperwork do you need to place a vehicle shipping order?

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To place an order and have Executive Auto Shippers begin the scheduling process you will need to complete and submit a signed Shipping Order Form. To ensure this process is as quick and easy as possible we offer digital signature options.

This form contains all of the basic information about your upcoming shipment.

  • Your name and contact information.
  • The address and contact information for the origin.
  • The address and contact information for the destination.
  • The vehicle information; Year, Make, Model, and VIN if required.
  • The total guaranteed cost of your shipment.
  • The first date that your vehicle is available to be shipped.
  • The method of shipping; Open Transport or Enclosed Transport.
  • The deposit amount and your credit card information to be used for that charge.

While completing and submitting this document may seem like a hassle or time drain, it is really for your benefit. This document details the specifics of your shipment and clearly illustrates the service that will be delivered and the exact cost. Please be wary of any company that is willing to place an order and begin the shipping process without documentation outlining what you can expect.

Executive Auto Shippers LLC's blank vehicle Shipping Order Form.
Blank vehicle Shipping Order Form. Executive Auto Shippers LLC © 2018

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