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How far in advance should I book my auto transport?

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Are you wondering: “How far in advance should I book my auto transport?

We recommend booking your auto transport about 5-7 days in advance of your first date of availability. However, we can usually accommodate last minute shipping requests as well. It is important to remember that with last minute requests that it may take slightly longer to schedule. This is because a little bit of lead time to work on the order prior to the first date of availability allows time to have a driver assigned before your vehicle is ready to ship.

Why Not Book My Auto Transport Earlier?

If you are a planner then checking off the scheduling of your auto transport will definitely feel gratifying. We know you want to have everything in place as far in advance as possible to avoid any unknown issues. While this might be great for some aspects of your upcoming move, it is not necessarily the case with your auto transport. Here’s why.

  • Planning further in advance has no real advantage. Your auto transport scheduling is not similar to airline schedules. There is not a set time and day for the auto transport carrier to be in a certain place months in advance. Each auto transport that we book has a customized schedule, based on customer’s needs and carrier availability. Most auto transport carriers will not know their exact schedule more than a few days in advance. This means that booking an actual spot on a truck weeks or months in advance generally doesn’t happen.
  • We are unable to guarantee a rate or place an order more than 14 days in advance due to fluctuations in auto transport rates. Again, auto transport rates are not published months in advance, but rather fluctuate up and down weekly and sometimes even daily. At Executive Auto Shippers, we guarantee our rates to ensure that you are not surprised when your vehicle is delivered. But not all companies have policies like this. Booking your auto transport a month in advance at a low rate might sound great until you find out at delivery that the price has changed. Be sure to ask when booking a long time in advance if the rate you are seeing is guaranteed.

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