Shipping A Car

How Do You Ship a Car?

There are a few different shipping options depending on your specific needs:

Open carriers: For this process our auto movers load your vehicle onto an open transport carrier with 7 to 9 others. We use the same type of auto carriers that deliver new automobiles to the dealerships. Get more details on our Open Auto Transport page.

Enclosed carriers: Unlike open transportation, your vehicle is protected from the outside elements and road debris. This type of shipping is recommended for antique, classic or exotic cars for the added protection it offers. Learn more about the different types of enclosed carriers on our Enclosed Auto Transport page.

Overseas: Your vehicle is first transported to the coast in one of the carrier options mentioned above, where it is then loaded onto a auto carrier ship and shipped to your destination. Find out more details on our Overseas Auto Transport page. Overseas deliveries also have more specific requirements; see our Auto Shipping Tips for the best overseas shipping practices.