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How do you ship my car?

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How do you ship my car?



Car shipping is definitely not like shipping a package. From the scheduling to the types of car shipping carriers available, there is a lot to think about before you place an order.

First off there are a few different shipping options depending on your specific needs and the type of vehicle you are planning on shipping.

Open carriers: This is the most common type of car carrier and probably what you are used to seeing on the roads. Your vehicle will be loaded onto an open car carrier along with 7 to 9 other cars that are being shipped on the same route. The car carriers that we use are the same type of car carriers you are used to seeing delivering new automobiles to your neighborhood dealership. Visit our Open Auto Transport services page for more details on this type of service.

Enclosed carriers: Unlike open auto transport service, your vehicle is protected from the outside elements and road debris. This type of shipping is recommended for antique, classic or exotic cars for the added protection it offers. Depending on your specific route your car will be loaded inside of the enclosed car carrier with 1 to 5 other cars. In some rare cases (normally very short routes) your car may even be loaded into an enclosed car carrier all by itself. Learn more about the different types of enclosed carriers on our Enclosed Auto Transport page.

Overseas: Your vehicle is first transported to a coastal port by way of one of the above-mentioned car carrier types. Once it has arrived at the port it will then be loaded onto an overseas shipping vessel to be shipped to your destination port. When it comes to the shipping of your vehicle on the actual seagoing vessel there are actually several options. Depending on your specific route, some of the possible loading options are under deck in a car hold, secured on an auto rack, loaded into a private or shared container, or top deck loading. You can find more details on our Overseas Auto Transport page. Overseas deliveries also have more specific requirements; see our Auto Shipping Tips for the best overseas shipping practices.

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