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How and when do I pay for my auto transport?

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First off, there are no upfront car transport costs when you book with Executive Auto Shippers. We don’t charge anything until your shipment has been assigned to one of our pre-approved carriers and there is an anticipated schedule in place.

Your total cost gets split into two separate payments.

The Deposit

The first payment, which is referred to as the Deposit, is charged to a credit card. This transaction is charged after the shipment has been assigned to a carrier and scheduled for pick up. For the deposit, we will accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover). Going through the entire process of scheduling and assigning one of our pre-approved carriers does not occur until we have a signed Order Form in place and have agreed to a realistic anticipated schedule. Basically, we do not work on setting up your order until you have approved and agreed to the process. For this reason, once we have a schedule in place your credit card will be charged for the amount of the deposit and the deposit will then be non-refundable. This also means that if we do not provide a carrier we will never charge anything. Our goal is to ship your vehicle in a timely fashion and we believe that you should not pay anything upfront.


The most common way to pay the remaining balance is by COD. This payment will be made directly to the driver when your vehicle is delivered. If you choose this method, the payment will need to be in the form of certified funds (certified checks, money orders, or cash) and made payable to the Carrier.

Another option available for the remaining balance is COP. Like a COD payment, it would also need to be in the form of certified funds (certified checks, money orders, or cash) and also made payable to the Carrier. The payment would be made when your vehicle is picked up rather than at delivery. Although this type of payment is not as common as COD, it can be convenient in certain situations. This payment is generally used anytime that the responsible party is not the person accepting the vehicle at delivery.

All On Card

It may be possible to charge the entire amount of your auto-shipment on a credit card. Choosing this option will incur additional fees, and must be selected prior to our office having a schedule in place.

Since we do not charge the credit card until after a schedule is in place, there are no upfront fees. Be very wary of companies that want to charge you something before they have done anything.

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