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Can I Wrap My Car For Transport

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If you are preparing for an upcoming car transport, you should not plan on wrapping your car.

If you have ever seen an auto transport loaded up with new cars headed for the dealership, then you have seen that white vinyl wrap. Obviously, it is there to protect the outside of the vehicle from small scuffs and chips during the shipping process.

Since that sight is rather common, it is only natural to ask this question when you are preparing for your own upcoming car transport. Shipping a privately owned vehicle (POV) is a much different process when compared to auto shipping for manufacturers. So here are the issues that wrapping your car can cause when shipping.

Inspection Process

This is definitely a big one. The inspection process is an imperative part of the auto shipping process and the only way for you to ensure that your vehicle arrives in the same condition it was picked up. At the origin, the car transport driver will perform an exterior condition report on your vehicle. The condition report will include any dents, scratches, blemishes, etc. If portions of the exterior of your vehicle are covered, it will be impossible to perform this condition report accurately. Since the car carrier is legally liable for transport damage, they will typically refuse to pick up any vehicle that they are unable to properly inspect.

The Right Wrap

There are many products on the market that may or may not be designed for this situation. In our decades of experience with automobile shipping, we have seen many types of plastic wrap either suggested by a customer or actually used. So far not one has performed properly and some attempts have actually caused damage to the vehicle being shipped. If you are shipping on an open car carrier, your vehicle will be exposed to wind and moving air like no other situation. Most vinyl products are not designed for this use and simply fail during the shipping process.

So if you are wondering if you can wrap your car for transport, keep this in mind. Even if you are willing to find and purchase the Autowrap designed for auto shipping, there may be issues when you get to the condition report at pick up.

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