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Can I track my vehicle shipment?

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Yes! You Can Track Your Auto Shipment

At Executive Auto Shippers we are constantly exploring new ways to improve the auto shipping experience. So adding an auto shipment tracking system was pretty much a no-brainer. You can even track a pizza delivery online, so why not your auto shipment. While you may not need to know exactly where your auto shipment is on day 2 of a 7-day trip, it can definitely be nice to know you can click on a link and get your auto shipment status even if the office is closed.


sample auto tracking map | Executive Auto Shippers


Our auto shipment tracking system allows you to see where your vehicle is or has been throughout the entire shipping process. As you can see on the map image above your auto shipment is represented as a breadcrumb style trail. The auto shipment tracking system will update every 6 hours from the beginning of your shipment to delivery. Every time that the tracking system updates you will receive a new email with a status update and a link to an updated map.


Why Choose Auto Shipment Tracking

  • Click on a link 24hrs a day to see where your auto shipment is, no worries if you miss the office hours.
  • In a flash, you can see if your auto shipment is nearing it’s destination and plan your day accordingly.

What You Need To Know

  • This service is available for an additional fee. We do everything we can to reduce the overall cost to ship your car. Unfortunately, the auto shipment tracking service incurs a per use cost from a third party provider, that we have to pass along.
  • Not every driver is compatible. Since this system utilizes the driver’s cell phone as the tracking device, there are sometimes limitations. Not all phones and/or cell service providers are compatible with this technology.
  • As some drivers are not compatible with the system it could actually slow down the scheduling process. If you require the auto shipment tracking system and the driver that happens to be in the area is not compatible, you may miss that truck. This is why in most cases our auto shipping experts will suggest making the tracking feature a preference rather than a requirement.

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