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Can I Sign The Shipping Order Form Electronically?

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Would you like to use a digital or electronic signature?

At Executive Auto Shippers we are all about convenience. Accepting electronic signatures is just one of the ways we prove that.

Easy Electronic Signature

Step One:

You will receive an email from DocuSign containing your Shipping Order Form.

Step Two:

To begin the electronic signature process click on the “Review Document” button.

Step Three:

Select the check box agreeing to use an electronic signature.

Step Four:

Review the Shipping Order Form to ensure all of the information is accurate.

Step Five:

Adopt your signature by completing your full name and choosing your signature style.

Step Six:

Confirm your electronic signature by clicking on the “Finish” button at the bottom of the screen.

Step Seven:

Once your electronic signature has been completed you will be allowed to print the Shipping Order Form. You will also receive an email containing the completed Shipping Order Form. 

You DO NOT need to sign up for an account with DocuSign in order to perform the electronic signature or receive your forms via email.

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